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CPHS AP Govt Chap 17

CPHS AP Govt. Chap. 17

Social Welfare Policy Government programs designed to improve quality of life.
Public Policy An intentional course of action followed by government in dealing with some problem or matter of concern.
Agenda A set of issues to be discussed or given attention.
Systemic Agenda All public issues that are viewed as requiring governmental attention; a discussion agenda.
Governmental (Institutional) Agenda The changing list of issues to which governments believe they should address themselves.
Agenda Setting The constant process of forming the list of issues to be addressed by government.
Policy Formulation The crafting of appropriate and acceptable proposed courses of action to ameliorate or resolve public problems.
Policy Adoption The approval of a policy proposal by the people with the requisite authority, such as a legislature.
Policy Implementation The process of carrying out public policy through governmental agencies and the courts.
Policy Evaluation The process of determining whether a course of action is achieving its intended goals.
Social Security Act A 1935 law that established old-age insurance (Social Security) and assistance for the needy, children, and others, and unemployment insurance.
Non-Means-Based Program Program such as Social Security where benefits are provided irrespective of the income or means of recipients.
Means-Tested Program Income security program intended to assist those whose incomes fall below a designated level.
Entitlement Program Income security program to which all those meeting eligibility criteria are entitled.
Medicare The federal program established in the Lyndon B. Johnson administration that provides medical care to elderly Social Security recipients.
Medicaid An expansion of Medicare, this program subsidizes medical care for the poor.
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