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ss cotterman


imperialism greatening a country's power thru colonization, military powers or other means
armstice truce between two nations
reparations making amends for the wrong somebody has done through payment of money
convoy a group of vehicles or ships travelling together
protectorate state controlled by a different country or state
nationalism identification with one's own nation and support for its interests,
guerilla small group fighitng irregueraly
yellow journalism exxagerated stories that are biased
propaaganda biased news turn in ones favor
jingoism aggresive nationalism
open door policy policy that allowed any country to trade with china
sphere of inluence country that can affect development in a different country although it has no official authority
dollar diplomacy finance used to influence government (bribery)
pan-americanism idea that us and latin america should work together
militarism nation focuses on military for more power
autonomy right or condition of self government
why did the us build up it's navy in thw 1880 didnt want to be closed out of markets and more power overseas
treaty of kanagawa gave us rights to trade at 2 japanese ports
why did the us annex hawaii in 1898 so they could get trade routes and ports to asia
what did the us do to support sugar cane trade in cuba made plot ammendment, let usa intervene in all of cuba's affairs
what happened to the uss maine it got blown up reason is still unknown
who were the rough riders and who was their leader group who fought the spanish leader was roosevelt
what was the platt amendment protected peoples rights in cuba
foraker act president was allowed to choose puerto ricos president
what was the boxer rebellion rebellion in china because they didnt like foreigners in the country
who was william gorgas and how his eforts lead to the completion of panama cnal he was a doctor who helped cure disease in panama
what was roosevelt coroliary addition to monroe doctrine saying it will help latin american countries when they need it
what was moral diplomacy or white mans burden belief that stronger country's have to help third world countries
who was gavrilo princip someone who assasinated franz ferdinand
who was franz ferdinand emperor of austria
who were the members of the triple alliance germany, austria-hungary, italy
who were the members of the triple entete great britain france and russia
why was germany jealous of england and france as war broke out they had more powerful navy
who was qeen victoria she was the queen of england s
how did tech outpace battlefield tactics at the beginning of ww1 there were machine guns and grenades that changed fighting style
what is a battle of attrition battle where you graduallty wear down opp by small moves
how did the us react to ww1 claimed neutrality
what was wilsons policy of strict neutrality wanted us to stay out of conflict
what was a u boat german submarine
what was the lusitania uk ship that was blown up by the germans
what was the sussex pledge promised a change in germans naval policy, passenger ships wont be targeted, merchant shps would not be sunk
he kept us out of war wilsons campaign slogan
zimmerman telegram offered mexico germans help retaking american southwest lost in the mexican war
what year did congress delcare war in ww1 april 1917
who were doughboys American infantrymen in ww1
what were the effects of the treaty of Versailles it forced Germany's economy to go down and they got a bad reputation and their territories in Africa was freed and they lost territory
Created by: shubhk
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