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Stack #36970

B2 Diff Dx Misc2

reed sternberg cells Hodgkins
white vert w/ anterior notching Hodgkins
very sensitive to ETOH Hodgkins
chronic enlargement of lymph nodes Hodgkins
hepato/spleno megally with pruritis/cachexia Hodgkins
xerophthalmia, xerostomia, female 40-60, seropositive Sjogrens
Episodic flushing, abdominal cramps, recurrent diarrhea Carcinoid syndrome
saddle thrombus of terminal aorta Leriche's syndrome
cold LE, Int Claud - gastrocs Leriche's syndrome
canker sore aphthous ulcer, stomatitis
dermal eruption, flexor sfc, pruritic/exudative atopic dermatitis, excema, allergic dermatitis
salmon colored scaly eruptions pityriasis rosea
"herald patch" pityriasis rosea
copious foul smelling muco-purulent sputum bronchiectasis
halitosis, chronic destruction of bronchial walls bronchiectasis
Painful endurated subcutaneous nodules usually below knee erythema nodosum
dermatitis d/t heat, friction, red denuded tissues intertrigo
juvenile RA, salmon rash, polyarthritis, <17yoa Still's Dz
Non insulin dependent, no polyphagia, no ketosis DM 2
insulin dependent, polyuria, polydipsea, polyphagia, cachexia, hyperglycemia and ketosis DM 1 - Juvenile Onset
downey cells, acute EBV infectious mononucleosis
monospot mononucleosis test for heterophil agglutination
strep/staph, skin infection, small encrusted vessicles Impetigo Contagiosa
Beurgers thromboangitis obliterans
3-4 day high fever infant/preschoolers rash chest and trunk Roseola Infantum
5th disease erythema infectiosum
A B C D m/c eye malig melanoma
C R E S T Scleroderma
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