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Nutrition Factoids

B2 Nutrition - Select Vit/Min Fxn Defic and Toxicity

nyctalopia, dry skin, xeropthalmia A defic
alopecia, HA A toxicity
osteomalacia D defic
vision, epithelial tissue A function
ergosteral, cholecalciferol D
bones and teeth D
anti-oxidant E
increased clotting E toxicity
prothrombin K
thiamin B1
beriberi thiamin defic
Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome thiamin defic
riboflavin B2
angular stomatitis/cheilosis Riboflavin defic
scaly dry greasy skin Riboflavin defic
hypercholesterolemia Niacin function
niacinamide, nicotinic acid B3
dermatitis, diarrhea, dementia death pellagra - niacin defic
flushing, tingling, facial pruritis Niacin toxicity
pyroxidine B6
neuropathies e.g. carpal tunnel, anemia pyroxidine defic
Biotin B7
dematitis, glossitis, alopecia Biotin defic
Folate B9
megaloblastic anemia c/b Folic Acid Defic
neural tube defects c/b Folic Acid Defic
Cyanocobalamine B12
pernicious anemia c/b Cyanocobalamine defic
megaloblastic anemia c/b Cyanocobalamine defic
sub acute combined systems degeneration in vegetarians d/t Cyanocobalamine defic
Acsorbic Acid C
Healing C
Fe++ and Ca++ absorption C
Scurvy C defic
renal calculi (calcium oxalate stones) C toxicity
osteoporosis and tetany Calcium defic
Created by: dc2bx2
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