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Lab DX

B2 Lab DX Disease profiles, Organ panels, anemias, normal values

erythrocyte count 4 to 6 million/mm3
hemoglobin 15grams %
hematocrit 35-55%
sed rate <15-20mm/hr
platelet count 150000 to 350000
mcv 82-98 microns
mean corpuscular hemoglobin 27-31 picograms
mchc - hemoglobin content in cell; 32-36%
normocytic normocromic anemia acute hemorrhage
microcytic, hypochromic anemia Fe deficiency
macrocytic, normochromic anemia megaloblastic , folate/b-12 deficiency, pernicious
high amylase/lipase pancreas
alk phos parathyroid
acid phos, PSA prostate
BUN, creatinine, uric acid Kidney
cortisol, steroids adrenal cortex
bilirubin, ALT, GGT, alk phos Liver
CPK muscle
T3, T4 Thyroid
alk phos, phos, calcium skeletal (bone)
Norm Urine 24 hr vol 800-2000 ml
Norm Urine Spec Grav 1.01-1.03
Norm Urine pH 4.6-8 (6)
cloudy urine w/pus and WBC's pyelonephritis
protein and RBC's/cloudy urine glomerulonephritis
yellow urine urochromes
red G.U. bleeding
brown/yellow to green/yellow bilirubin (obstructive jaundice)
orange urobilinogen (hemolytic jaundice)
milky white urine nitrites/ bacterial inf
Schilling test Pernicious anemia
benzidine and guaiac peptic ulcer
HLAb27 A.S., P.A., Reiters, Chrohns
ASO titre Strep
Western Blot AIDS
Mantoux test TB
Created by: dc2bx2