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Intro Civil War

Virginia Studies VS 7a

The economy of this part of the United States was industrial in 1860. Northern
This area of the US was rural and agricultural. Southern
A person who was forced to work and would never gain his or her freedom. slave
A large farm that grew tobacco or other cash crops in large quanities. plantation
A person that is hired by the plantation owner to make sure the slaves do as they are told. overseer
The capital of the Confederacy Richmond
The capital of the Union Washington DC
The President of the Union Lincoln
The President of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis
Who is famous for leading over 300 slaves to safety visa the Underground Railroad? Harriet Tubman
This slave lead a revolt in Southampton County VA. Nat Turner
The name given to the group of people that wanted to end slavery. Abolitionists
He lead a raid on an arsenal at Harper's Ferry. He wanted to give weapons to the slaves. John Brown
He became President of the USA in 1860. Abraham Lincoln
The Northern States wanted any new state created from the territories to be this kind of state. Free State
The Southern States wanted any new state formed from the territories to be this kind of state. Slave State
The first shots of the Civil War were fired in SC at this fort. Sumter
What term do we use that means "leaving the Union"? secede
What kind of war is fought between members of the same country? Civil
Richmond lies on a special geographical spot where boats can not travel inland any further. What do we call it? Fall Line
The Southern soldiers were given this nickname. rebels
The Northern soldiers were given this nickname. Yankees
If you were against slavery, you were called a __________________________. abolitionist
Who won the first Battle of Bull Run? Confederates
This man got his nickname for being so steadfast and not giving up an inch of land in the Battle of Manassas or Bull run. Thomas Jackson
The South formed a new country called the CSA or the Confederate States of _________ . America
The iron clads battled it out in the waters off the coast of Virginia. This area is called ________ __________ . Hampton Roads
When ships prevent others from coming into a harbor, it is called a _________________ . blockade
Which side had the most resources in the Civil war? Was it the North or the South? North
What was the name of the Confederate iron clad ship? Merrimack
What was the name of the Union iron clad ship? Monitor
The southern economy was based on ______________________ . agriculture
Robert E Lee was known for his victories in this fall line city. Fredericksburg
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