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Spine Segment Assoc

B2 Spine Segmental Meric chart and Landmarks

C3 landmark hyoid, superior cervical ganglion
C4 landmark superior thyroid cartilage
C5 landmark inferior thyroid cartilage
C6 landmark cricoid cartilage
C6 landmark carotid tubercle
T3 landmark spine of the scapula
T7 landmark angle of the scapula
S2 landmark P.S.I.S and A.S.I.S.
pituitary, brain C1
inner/middle ear C1
sympathetic system C1
optic nerve, auditory nerve C2
tongue C2
teeth C3
outer ear C3
eustacian tube C4
mouth, nose, lips C4
pharynx, larynx, vocal chords C5
tonsils C6
myo of neck C6
myo of shoulders C6
thyroid gland C7
esophagus and trachea T1
heart and coronary arteries T2
breasts T3
lungs and bronchi T3
gall bladder T4, T5
liver T5
stomach T6
pancreas T7
duodenum T7
spleen T8
diaphragm T8
adrenal glands T9
kidneys T10, T11
small intestines T12
ureters T11
large intestines L1
appendix and cecum L2
upper leg, abdomen L2
genitalia, bladder L3
prostate L4
sciatic nerve L4
lower leg L5
ankles feet toes L5
rectum and anus Coccyx
fascia of hips and buttocks Sacrum
Created by: dc2bx2