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Fertile Crescent A large arc of rich, or fertile farmland Location of 1st Civilization
Silt A mixture of soil and rocks that is very fertile Used for Farming
Irrigation A way of supplying dry land with water for farming Prevents flooding Supplies Water Ditches, pipes or streams
Surplus An extra supply of something Used for trade or storage
City-state An independent nation made up of a city and the land around it. Had own government Had own chief god/goddess Ruled by a king
Polytheism A belief in more than one god Sumerians worshiped many gods Honored their gods at religious temples called ziggurats
ziggurat A pyramid-shaped temple where Sumerians worshiped their gods/goddesses
cuneiform A Sumerian writing system that used wedge-shaped marks made in soft clay
scribe A person who records business dealings and important events Few people could read or write Scribes were well respected
epic A long poem that tells the story of a hero The oldest known story in the world comes from Sumer Story is called the “Epic of Gilgamesh”
empire A group of many different lands under one ruler
tribute A payment made to a ruler as a sign or surrender
province A district within a larger country or empire
caravan A group of merchants traveling together for safety, usually with a large number of camels
astronomer A person who studies the stars, planets, and the moon
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