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B2 X-ray Terms and Def's A

A.S. Chronic inflamm of axial ligaments; males 20-30 yoa "shiny corner" "dagger sign", "romanus lesion" "trolley track sign" "carrot stick fracture" GI problems
Basilar Invagination Patet's, determined by Chamberlains, McGregors, MacRaes lines
Bennett's Fracture proximal first metacarpal
Barroom Fx Fx 4th and 5th metacarpal
Boxers Fx 2nd and 3rd metacarpal
Chance Seatbelt Fx - horzontal through neural arch and vertebral body M/C L2-3
Colles' Fx distal 1" radius posterior displacement of the fragment
galeazzies distal 1/3 of radius
greenstick fx m/c 1-10 yoa
hangman's fx lat flex and ext cerv spine Bil pedical fx Atlas
jeffersons burst fx ant/post arch C1
Jones' "dancer's" avulsion proximal 5th metatarsal by Peron Brev w/forced plantar flex and inversion
March stress fx distal 2nd 3rd metatarsal
Monteggia's Fx Fx prox ulna - night stick fx
Smith Fx distal 1" radius w/anterior fragment displacement
Supracondylar Fx Fx of distal humerous m/c elbow fx children
Torus fx incomplete fx w/ only local expansion or protrusion no displacement
C.P.P.D. or Pseudo Gout chondrocalcinosis in articular tissue w/similar course as DJD m/c in knee, wrist, hand, ankle
H.A.D.D. (Hydroxiapatite deposition) calcific tendonitis/bursitis m/c shoulder, hip, spine
Created by: dc2bx2
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