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social studies

Which was most important to Aristotle? Truth
What area did Alexander the Great conquer eastern Mediterranean, Egypt, the Middle East, and parts of Asia
For Plato, one of the goals of philosophy was to find what? A perfect life
What is the Socratic method? dialogue instigated by the continual probing questions
Who won the Peloponnesian War? Sparta
What was the building called that was built to honor Athena? Parthenon
How did the Olympic Games begin? the Olympics were a festival created in honor of ancient Greece's most famous god: Zeus, king of the gods
What was most important to Sparta? loyalty to the state and military service
What city-state was the main rival of Athens? Sparta
The epic poems Iliad and the Odyssey were said to have been written by........ Homer
Who could be a citizen of Athens? free adult men with athenian parents
What was the name of the group that voted to determine government policy in Ancient Athens? the Assembly
What were the differences between Athens and Sparta in detail Sparta has a strong army, while Athens has a strong navy, Sparta's assemblies were quick and loud, while Athen's was long and peaceful, and Sparta wanted warriors, while Athens wanted well-rounded people.
Why was the library of Alexandria so important? Many important works came from the scholars at the library Biggest library of its time
What aspects of Greek culture did Alexander and the generals who came after him spread to other parts of the world? laws, art, philosophy, and literature
What the similarities between Athens and Sparta? religious practice, labor system, women's rights, and governmental structure
Why was the Delian League established by Greek city-state? to be a military alliance against the Persians
what were some similarities between Athens and Sparta in detail Both religions were polytheistic, meaning that they believed in more than one god. Both Athens and Sparta had an assembly, whose members were elected by the people. Both have slaves
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