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middle ages 9-10


Who was forced to sign the Great Charter by the barons? King John
The most valuable thing done by King Henry II for the people of England was to_______. improve the courts.
What King established the "Model Parliament?" Edward I
What 2 modern languages were developed during the Renaissance? Germany and Roman
Who authorized the preparation of an English language Bible? James I
Henry III was overthrown because________. he taxed the people without the consent of the Great Council.
The Renaissance was a period of ________. renewed interest in eduacation and culture.
By signing the Magna Carta, the king promised to _____. granted the English people rights they had not had before.
One of the rights that have come to us from Enlish people is the right to _____. 1.fair trial by jury2.have a voice in the running of the government and in fixing taxes.
A famous writer? William Shakespeare
The painter of the Last Supper? Leonardo da Vinci
The painter of the "Sistime Madonna?" Raphael
Who developed movable metal type? Gutenberg
The sculptor of the famous statue of David? Michelangelo
The scientist who studied the heavens and the earth was? Galileo
A famous artist scientist and inventor from Milan was? leonardo da Vinci
An English monk who taught at Oxford university was? Roger Bacon
A priest who wrote that the sun was the center of the universe was? Copernicus
The painter of scenes from the Bible on the ceiling of a chapel in Rome was? Michelangelo
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