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Adverbial prefixes

Adverbial prefixes in Hungarian vala-, bár-, minden-, se-

ki who
mi what
milyen what kind
mekkora what size
hány how many/much
hol where
honnan from where
hová to where
meddig until when
merre in which direction
mikor when
hogy how
mennyi how much
vala- some-
bár- any-
minden- every-
se- no-
valaki someone
valami something
valamilyen some kind of
valamekkora some size of
valahány however many/much
valahol somewhere
valahonnan from somewhere
valameddig until sometime
valamerre in some direction
valamikor at some time
valahogy somehow
valamennyi some cost/amount
bárki whoever, anyone, anybody
bármi whatever, anything
bármilyen whatever/of any kind
bármekkora whatever/of any size
bárhány whatever/any amount
bárhol wherever, anywhere
bárhonnan from anywhere, from wherever
bárhová to anywhere, to wherever
bármeddig until whenever, however long
bármerre in whatever/any direction
bármikor whenever, at any time
bárhogy however, in any way
bármennyi however much
mindenki everyone, everybody
minden every
mind with everyone, all
mindenhol everywhere
mindenhonnan from everywhere
mindenhová to everywhere
mindenkor always, at all times
mindenhogy everyhow
senki no one, no body
semmi nothing
semilyen of no kind, no kind of
semekkora (of) no size
sehány (of, to) no number
sehol nowhere
sehonnan from nowhere
sehová to nowhere
semeddig no distance at all, for no time at all
semerre in no direction
semmikor at no time
sehogy in no way
semennyi (of, by, in) no amount
Created by: Ataraksija
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