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Hungarian List 8

Hungarian list containing grammar, verbs, and vocabulary-8

hegy mountain, hill
völgy valley
erdő forest, woods
környék surroundings, vicinity
hajó ship
csónak rowboat
kezdődik a thing begins, or starts (like a movie)
érkezni a mode of transportation arrives, arrival, arriving to a place
indulni a mode of transportation departs, starting to travel, beginning of travel
hiába in vain
portás doorman, porter
majdnem nearly, almost
verseny tournament, match, race
részt venni to take part
éppen just, even (as in I'm just reading a book) (as in I don't have a car even though I have the money for one)
ajtó door
ablak window
előtt in front of, before
képes valamire you can do something (capable of)
szóval so (as in so, tell me--or it was so warm)
nehéz kimondani that's hard to pronounce (say)
nagy/nagyobb/legnagyobb big/bigger/biggest
kicsi/kisebb/legkisebb small/smaller/smallest
esik a hó it's snowing
fázni (irregular) to be cold -én fázom, te fázol, ő fázik, mi fázunk, ti fáztok, ők fáznak
viszont at the same time, like a contrast of two things, however
visszajöttem I'm back
pontosan exactly
érinteni to touch
elfelejteni to forget
alföld lowland, plain
szövetkezet a cooperative
kapu gate
gyorsan quickly, rapidly, fast
hajtani when you leave a place and something that motivates you
szekér cart, wagon
teherautó truck
út/utca road/street
poros dusty
országút highway, primary road
gazdaság farm, homestead
tag member (of something)
mindenki everybody
hold acre
föld soil, earth, ground, floor
gabona crop, grain, corn
termelni (FVs) to grow, to cultivate, to produce
rajta on him, her, it
tanya farm, farmstead
istálló barn, stable
Created by: ezuelke
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