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Hungarian List 15

Hungarian list containing grammar, verbs, and vocabulary-15

pihenni to rest or take a break from exercising, or work, or if you're just tired
fésülködni to comb
sütött baked (as an adjective, noun is sütni)
könyörög beg, beseech
veszekedni to fight
ajánlani to offer, to recommend
merni to dare
párbeszéd dialogue
így sem not so
táncmulatság dance (as in a description of an event)
naptár calendar
térkép map, atlas
festeni to paint
szemetes trash can
műsor a show, a program
béka frog
peron platform (like in a train station)
váratlan unexpected
vágni to cut
lyuk hole
sikoly scream, shriek
megközelíteni to approach
verőfény glare (like from a window)
lehelni, kifúj to exhale, breathe out, blow
belehel, beszívni inhale, to suck
kezdini to start
hordani to wear
haladni to make progress, to move ahead, to move on
védni to protect, to defend
száguldni to speed, to race
rendelni to order
viccelni to joke
küldni to send
kedv mood, disposition
bánni, and megbánni (more common form) to regret, to be sorry for, repent
nem bánom I don't care, I don't mind (said in a pleasant way)
érdekelni to care about something, be interested in something
megbeszélni to come to an agreement, to talk over something
kint, kinn outside, outdoors
bent, benne inside, indoors
megfázni to catch a cold
melegem van I'm warm
javítani to repair
azzal, avval with that
ezzel, evvel with this
fáradni to get tired, to take the trouble (to do something)
befáradni to go in, to enter (more formal term)
óhajtani to wish for, to desire
étlap menu
máj liver
Created by: ezuelke
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