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Hungarian List 13

Hungarian list containing grammar, verbs, and vocabulary-13

elmesélni to tell (a story), narrate, relate
költözni to move from place to place (to move away is elköltözni)
major farm
villa villa, bungalow
helyezni to place, set, put, lay
áthelyezni to transfer (as in a transfer from one dept. to another)
színház theater
sajnálni to regret, be sorry
zavarni to disturb
páholy a private box in a balcony
másfél one and a half
énekes singer
szerepelni to act (as in a movie or theater)
megéri it's worth while
tetszeni to like (used for things on the outside of the body, conjugate in 3rd person)
fogyni to lose weight
gyönyörűen beautifully, magnificently
ezelőtt formerly
alkalom, alkamat occasion, opportunity
irigyelni to envy
eddig till now, up to the present
addig till then, as far as that
hangverseny concert
szerezni to get, to obtain (you have to make an effort to get something)
jegyiroda ticket office
ígérni, megígérni to promise
gondolni to think
elseje the first (with reference to a day of the month)
-ig, -hoz, -hez, -höz (endings on the noun) until, to
-val, -vel (on the noun) + ezelőtt, or use of the third person singular possessive ago (as in I studied hungarian a long time ago)
értekezlet meeting, conference
miniszterelnök prime minister
dolog work, task, thing, stuff
kereskedelmi commercial (corporate)
külkereskedelem foreign trade
kormány government, cabinet, steering wheel
képviselő párt representative party
miről about (of what, when, where), used when asking a question
termelés production
munka work, job
élet life
életszínvonal living standard
emelés raising, lifting
arról of that, from that
erről of this, from this
nemrég lately, not long ago
szerződés treaty, contract, pact
aláírni to sign
között between, among
bizottság delegation
Created by: ezuelke
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