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Hungarian List 11

Hungarian list containing grammar, verbs, and vocabulary-11

híres famous
otthon at home
üveg glass, bottle
kesztyű glove
úttörő pioneer
tanuló student
nappali living room
hálószoba bedroom
kész ready
zene music
barack apricot
minket us
hazudni to lie (not tell the truth)
máskor is anytime (as in an answer to someone saying thank you)
túl too (as in the car is too expensive)
tetszeni to like, to please, to appeal to, to be liked - én tetszem, te tetszel, ő tetszik, mi tetszünk, ti tetszetek, ők tetszenek (definite conjugation)
parancs an order, or a command
ilyen such, of this kind
bejönni to come in
kedves dear, kind, nice
szám number, issue
idő, ideje weather, a time period
tanulni to learn, to study
mennyire how (as in look how happy you are)
sajtó press, journalists, media
tudtam I knew, was able
kinek, akibe to whom
varrni to sew
iroda office, bureau
érdeklődni to inquire, to show interest in
lassú slow
gyorsvonat express train
személyvonat local train
ami which, that (relative pronoun)
párna cushion, pillow
pad bench
ülés seat
puha soft
kemény hard
ahol where
jutni to arrive, come
szálljanak fel (imperative) get in (command)
bejárat entrance
kijárat exit
megállni to stop right where you're at when traveling by any means
felvilágositás information
hordár porter
csomag luggage
mienk, miénk ours
hányadik which (your answer will have a number in it)
Created by: ezuelke
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