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Hungarian List 12

Hungarian list containing grammar, verbs, and vocabulary-12

vágány track, platform
múlva after (with reference to time)
feltenni (irregular) to put up (én felteszek, te felteszel, ő feltesz, mi felteszünk, ti feltesztek, ők feltesznek)
fogyokúra a diet
Dunántúl Transdanubia
együtt together
sehova nowhere, a negative of direction or placement
se, sem neither...nor, not...either
jöjjön (imperative) come (command)
fülke compartment
senki nobody
le down
tegye le (imperative) put down (command)
át through, cross, over (used as a prefix on a verb)
vasút railroad
híd, hídat, hídja bridge
folyosó corridor
azért therefore (for that reason)
ezért therefore (for this reason)
nevezni (FVs) to name, to call
vidék countryside, region
túl beyond, over, too
nézze (imperative) look (as in look I don't have time for this because you made me wait. more formal usage)
semmit sem nothing at all -sem acts as emphasis
mező meadow
ünnep holiday
sehol nowhere, no place
mászni (FVl) to climb, to crawl
ugrani (irregular) to jump (én ugrok, te ugrasz, ő ugrik, mi ungrunk, ti ugrotok, ők ugranak)
esni (leesni) (FVs) to fall (down, off)
kerékpár bicycle
gyűjeni to collect
kalauz conductor
nézzen oda look there (imperative)
étkezőkocsi dining car
reggelizni (FVs) to eat breakfast
tőle from him
tőlük from them
lenni (past tense, I was) én voltam, te voltál, ő volt, mi voltunk, ti voltatok, ők voltak
lenni (past tense, I became) én lettem, te lettél, ő lett, mi lettünk, ti lettetek, ők lettek
az egész idő alatt during the entire time
tenger sea
nyugodt calm, still, tranquil
tartani to keep, to hold, to give a lesson, a presentation, or a lecture
kötni to tie, to bind
kikötni to anchor or land (a ship), to untie your shoelaces
tölteni to spend time (with a person or on an activity)
hosszú long
nézzed look (imperative, informal)
mesélni to tell a tale
Created by: ezuelke
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