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Senate and House

Requirements and Powers

How many votes in the Senate are require to ratify treaties? 2/3
What if the Electoral College fails to elect the Vice-President? The Senate elect the Vice-President
Who tries officials who have been impeached? The Senate
How many votes are needed to dismiss an impeached officials from office? 2/3 vote from the Senate
Who ratify presidential appointments? The Senate
How many votes are needed to ratify presidential appointments? a simple majority in the Senate
Name the presidential appointments that the Senate approve? ambassadors, consuls, Supreme Court justices, and Cabinet officials
Who introduces revenue bills Only the House
What if the Electoral College fail to elect the president? The House elect the President
Who impeach public officials The House
What does it mean to impeach? means that the House made the decision to have the officials tried on charges made against him. Impeachment requires a simple majority. Impeachment does not imply guilt.
What is the age requirement for a Senator? 30 years old
What is the required citizenship for a Senator? Must have lived in the U.S. for at least 9 years
What is the required residence for a Senator? Must reside in the state he represents
What is the age requirement for a House member? at least 25 years old
What is the required citizenship for a House member? must have been a citizen of the U.S. for at least 7 years
What is the required residence of a House member? must reside in the state he or she represents
What are the special privileges of members of Congress dealing with arrest? Except for a felony, treason, and breaking of peace, Congress members cannot be arrested during a session(meeting) of Congress or on his way to or from Congress.
What are the special privileges of Congress members dealing with freedom of speech? no action for libel, no charges, no official questioning is allowed against Congress member, concerning anything he have said in Congress or in any committee of Congress. Protects members against libel suits.
Special prohibitions on members of Congress concerning separation of power no person may be a member of Congress and also hold any other federal office
Prohibitions on Members of Congress concerning pay raise Congress members cannot vote themselves a raise in pay. Law increasing salary apply only to members elected after the law was passed. So new members benefit and old ones too after they win reelection
First 7 power of Congress 1)levy and collect taxes 2)borrow $ 3)regulate foreign and interstate commerce 4)establish uniform rules of naturalization and bankruptcies 5)coin $ & regulate currency system 6)punish counterfeiters 7)establish post offices and post roads
2nd 7 powers of Congress 8)issue patents and copyrights 9)constitute (establish) courts inferior to Supreme Court 10)punish piracy 11)declare war 12)provide an army 13)provide a navy 14)make rules for the armed forces
3rd 7 powers of Congress 15)call out the National Guard 16)organize and train the National Guard 17)to govern the District Columbia 18) use implied powers/elastic clause to carry out executive polices
3 purpose to levy and collect taxes, any other purpose would be illegal 1) to pay the U.S. debt 2)provide for the common defense 3)promote the general welfare
When does Congress declare war? only in response to the President request, after request Hosue & Senate vote separately (simply majority)
If a Pres. or Vice Pres. has been impeached by the House, the trial before the Senate will be presided over by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. In all other cases the (who?) will preside. Vice President
How often does Congress meet and when? at least once a year, meeting begins on January 3 as provided by the 20th Amendment (1933)
What is a quorum a simple majority of each house
What is Congressional Record (has 2 section; a Senate edition & a House edition) journal containing record of voting, debates and speeches. Anything which requires secrecy may be omitted from the record.
How many votes are needed to expell a member of either house? 2/3
Can Congress show economic preference to any state? No
Must money taken from the treasury be accounted for? Yes
What similar things does both houses do? each house judges elections and member qualification; determines its own rules of order; keeps records of its proceedings; cannot go on strike
When does Congress assembles? January 3rd - 20th Amendment. Before the Amendment, it used to be on the first Monday of each December
Who decides congressional elections and meetings? state districts
When can Congress prohibit slavery? Not before 1808
How can the legislative department check the Executive department? Congress can refuse to pass bills favored by the Pres; override a presidential veto by a 2/3 vote; refusing $ need to keep the executive department, commissions, committees in operation
How can the House check the executive branch? House of Representative may impeach the Pres.
How can the Senate check the executive department? Senate may try the president after he has been impeached; the Senate may refuse to ratify a treaty; Senate may refuse to approve appointments
How did the Constitution make the SEnate more permanent and stronger than the House of Rep? Sen is 5 years older than the House; term of a Sen is 3 times as long; at each congressional election only 1/3 of the Sen seats are subject to change, instead of all of the as in the House
Created by: Tiffastic