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history ch 24-5test

study guide

Franklin D. Roosevelt president
John Steinbeck writer (classic literature)
Eleanor Roosevelt first lady (eyes and ears of FDR)
Frances Perkins first woman appointed to the US cabinet
Dorthea Lange photographer
the great depression economic crisis for 2 years from 1929
default to fail to meet and obligation
migrant workers a person who moves to harvest fruits and vegetables
fireside chat informal address over radio cast by a political leader
Black Thursday Stock market crash
CCC provided jobs for young men to plant trees and build bridges
AAA paid farmers not to grow certain crops
FDIC insured savings accounts in banks approved by the government
SEC punish dishonest stockbrokers and speculators
SSA set up a system of pensions for the elderly, unemployed and disabled
PWA employed men and woman to build hospitals, schools, parks and airports
TVA build dams to provide cheep electric power to seen southern states
FERA Gave relief to unemployed and needy
Hooverville town were homeless people built during the great depression know as shanty towns. It was called Hoover ville because of Hoovers failure to act
The bonus army group of veterans who went on strike to earn their bonus money
dust bowl major dust storm caused by a major drought, the drought was caused by tractors and disc plows
where did the dust bowl hit? Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, teas, new Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming
how were African Americans affected by the great depression? African Americans lost their jobs and farm prices crushed African American farmers
how did FDR attempt to prevent the supreme court from undoing the new deal? FDR attempt to prevent the supreme court from undoing the New deal by wanting to elect six more justices to support him
why did the supreme court rule some new deal programs unconstitutional? ruled new deal programs unconstitutionally because congress exceeded its lawful power to regulate interstate converse
who were FDR's main supporters in the 1936 election? what group of people would most likely NOT vote for him? his main supporters are democrats republicans would not vote for him
what was the new deal? the name given to the new laws aimed at relieving the depression, which were passed by congress during the hundred days that followed
what were the four major factors that led to the great depression? stock market crash, banking crisis, unemployment, borrowing/debt.
what areas, and groups of people , were hit the hardest by the great depression? why? millionaires and investors lost most because of the stock market crash. people who had to work for a living lost their jobs
how did Hoover handle the depression? Hoover thought the depression was temporary and thought that people should help the poor on their own
How did FDR handle the depression set up different administrations known as the new deal to help the economy
why did the stock market crash? because people had trouble borrowing and paying back debt
how did talkies change the roles of actors?
how did sound change some silent stars' popularity?
what were two aviation inventions in the great depression?