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Reading TAKS 6

words in directions and questions that are difficult for students

selection (selecion) story or article you must read to answe questions (passage or text)
article (articulo) a nonfiction selection (passage or text)
interview (la entrevista) report of questions asked by one person and answered by another (passage or text)
caption (titulo) writing below or beside a picture or graphic
labeled (marcado) named, idenified
italics (la escritura que inclina) writing that slants to the right
mainly about (de que se trata) main idea
paragraph (parrafo) a group of sentences about a common idea. The first sentence of a paragraph is indented to let the reader know that a new idea is coming.
sentence (oracion) a group of words that express a thought - starts with a capital - ends with an endmark
phrase (frase) a group of words that does not express a complete thought - does not start with a capital or end with an endmark
statement (oracion) what someone says - a phrase or sentence
diagram (diagrama) a graphic organizer
outline (busquejo) a way to organize ideas - usually has numbers and letters - may have bullets
information (informacion) facts, details found in a selection
details (detalles) facts
belongs (pertenese) fits
describe (describir) tell about, give details
conclude (concluir) bring to an end, figure out
supports (soporta) backs up, restates, give more information
similarity (como o egual) way that things are the same or alike
both (dos, los dos) two people or things
author (autor) one who wrote the selection
according to (acerca de) based on what is said in the selection
throughout (por todo o durante) all the way through the selection - not just in one part
mostly wanted (mejor querido) main purpose
important (importante) big deal, necessary
mood (sentimientos) feeling of the story(angry, sad, mysterious, scary)
indicates (indicado) shows, points to
point of view (punto de la vista) who is telling the story
follow (seguir) to go along, to copy, comes next
narrator (narrador) the one who is telling the story
tone (tono) how the story feels(scary, silly, sad)
idea (idea) thought
predict (predicimento) use details to figure out what will happen next
probably (problamente) maybe, most likely
influence (influencia) something that affects something else, affect
summary (sumario) who, what, when, where, why and how of a story, not a telling
event (evento) happening, action
turning point (cambiar el punto) event that causes change, climax
a sense of (sentimiento) feeling, understanding
organizes (organazar) puts in order
best shows (mejor exemplo) good example
reflects (reflecion) shows
why (por que) asking for details that explain an action - may require you to infer
because (por que) is asking for reasons or motivation of a character - may require you to infer
theme (tema) what is the message, what is the lesson(courage, honesty, family values)
present (presente) in, included, can be found
author's purpose (rason de el autor) Why did the author write the selection?
best completes (mejor final) finishes correctly
Created by: khaile
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