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History class

Marcus Garvey Journalist, universal negro improvement association
Louis Armstrong nationally acclaimed trumpet player
Duke Ellington Jazz artist in the 1920s
Langston Hughes African American poet in the 1920s who wrote about his heritage was part of the Harlem Renessaince
Claude McKay African American poet who wrote about his heritage
Bessie Smith African American jazz singer
James Weldon Johnson African American Harlem Renessanince writer
Countee Cullen African American poet
Ma Rainey Blues Singer
The Harlem Renessaince African American revolution during the 1920s, influenced poets and musicians
capitalism A type of government where people control trade, not the government
Bolsheviks and Reds people who supported communism and were looked down on
resession A downturn in the economy
speakeasies secret bars that existed during prohibition
flappers women that did not dress tradionally or cut their hair traditionally
Gross National Product total value of all goods and services produced in a year
Expatraite a person that has no roots becuase they have immagrated a lot
bootlegging driving around illegal alchohol
isolationism Strong feelings that the U.S. should have no foreign relations
Red Scare Strong feelings against communism that erupted in the 1920s
Five Power Treaty US, UK Japan France and Italy argreed to cease Battleship production for ten years
Kelogg braind pact
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