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Ch. 23-WWI

Zimmerman Telegram Germany->Mexico
John J. Pershing US General; led American Expeditionary Force
War Industries Board an agency created in July 1917 to coordinate govt purchases of military supplies
Bernard Baruch led WIB
National War Labor Board established in April 1918 to resolve labor disputes, pressured industry to grant important concessions to workers
Ludlow Massacre coal mine strike in which militia sided with employers
Peace movement considered the war a meaningless battle among capitalist nations for commercial supremacy
Committee on Public Information directed by George Creel; supervised the distribution of innumerable tons of pro-war literature
Espionage Act of 1917 gave the govt new tools with which to respond to reports of "the man who spreads the pessimistic stories...cries for peace, or belittles our efforts to win the war."
Sabotage Act of 1918, Sedition Act of 1918 made illegal any public expression of opposition to the war
Big Bill Haywood member of the IWW; prosecuted by Sabotage and Sedition Acts
American Protective League a groupof citizens to mobilize "respectable" members of their communities to root out disloyalty
Wilsonianism/Fourteen Points freedom of the seas, open covenants instead of secret treaties, free trade, impartial mediation of colonial claims, League of Nations
Lusitania/Sussex sinking by German submarines led to Americans joining war
Charles Evans Hughes ran against Wilson
“Too proud to fight” Wilson said this about US
Russian Revolution 1917 Lenin took Russia out of war
American Expeditionary Force selective service act
The Big Four David Lloyd George-Britain Georges Clemenceau-France Vittorio Orlando-Italy Woodrow Wilson-US W
“Trusteeship” Wilson got approval to place former colonies in "trusteeship" to the League of Nations
“Covenant” agreement
Internationalism League of Nations
Henry Cabot Lodge powerful chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee; hated Wilson
East St. Louis Riots racial riots after war
Red summer of 1919 Red scare grew with Communist International and American Communist Party
Marcus Garvey blacks should take pride in their African heritage
Communist International started by Russians to revolutionize the world
“One hundred percent Americanism” anti-immigrant sentiment
Palmer Raids Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer; orchestrated a series of raids on alleged radical communist centers
19th Amendment 1920; guaranteed women's right to vote
Warren G. Harding “Return to Normalcy”-elected 1920
New Revivalism an effort by conservative Christians to fight off the influence of Darwin and his theory of evolution
“Fundamentalist” conservatives who had faith in religious "fundamentals":miracles, heaven and hell, literal truth of the Bible, etc.
Billy Sunday a farm boy from Iowa who experienced a conversion to evangelical Christianity
“fundamentalists vs. modernists”
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