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French Revolution

Unit 2: Liberalism and Nationalism

rebellion violent action organized by a group of people who are trying to change the political system in their country
national sovereignty the absolute capability and power of a nation to independently govern its country free from external influences
regime a ruling system or a government in power
representative a person who is chosen to speak and act for a group of people
constitution the set of political principles by which a state is governed
Assembly a governmental body which consists of the representatives who meet regularly to discuss different issues and pass laws
storm attack a place or building by entering suddenly and forcefully
property rights the rights of people to own and use land and other possessions, and to receive a profit from it
defeat to win against someone in a fight or war
downfall destruction
persecution unfair or cruel treatment over a long period of time because of race, religion or political beliefs
census suffrage a system where the votes are not equal but are weighed differently according to the person's rank in the census (e.g., people with high income have more votes than those with a small income).
suffrage the right to vote
authoritarianism the belief that people must obey completely and not be allowed freedom to act as they wish
coup (putsch) the act of removing a government by force and taking over power illegally
sway influence
prefect a very important official in the government
impose officially force a rule to be obeyed
unchain set free some feelings
sustenance the energy that suppots something and keeps it strong
exile send someone away from their own country, especially for political reasons
uprising an act of opposition, sometimes using violence, by many people in one area of a country against those who are in power
annex take possession of an area or a country, usually by force and without permission
proclaim announce something publicly or officially
concordat a formal agreement on religious matters between the Roman Catholic Church and a particular country
Civil Code (Napoleonic Code) the written laws developed by Napoleon to modernize and unify France
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