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S.S The West

Vocab and Questions

Federal lands set aside for american indians reservations
1851-first major treaty between the US government and Plains Indians; allowed Us citizens to travel across indian homelands Treaty of Fort Laramie
"Custers last stand" battle between US soldiers led by George Armstrong Custer and Sioux warriors,led by Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull;worst defeat in US history battle of Little Bighorn
a religous movement among Plain Indians in the 1880s Ghost Dance
1890-US armyd killing of approz. 150 Sioux at wounded knee creek in south dakota;ended US indian wars on Plain Massacre at Wounded Knee
Legislation passed by congrress that split up indian reservation lands among individual indians+promised them citizenship Dawes General Allotment Act
A large deposit of precious ore Bonanza
Western communities that grew quickly because of the mining boom boomtowns
Railroad that crossed the contiental US;construction began in 1863 and was completed in 1869 transcontiental railroad
Nevada gold and silver deposit discovered by Henry comstock. 500million dollars worth of gold+silver Comstock lode
A system of messangers that carrid mail between relay stations on a route from St.Joesphs Missouri to San Franciso California Pony Express
Two laws passed by the federal government that gave loans and land grants to railroad companies to encourage them to build a transcontiental railroad Pacific Railway Acts
Hearty breed of cattle raised by ranchers throughout western tezas-live through any condiditons Texas Longhorn
public land used by ranchers who were part of the cattle kingdom open range
rights to water on the plains that smaller ranch owners bought from larger ranchers range rights
mexican cowboys in the west who tended cattle and horses vaqueros
act of driving cattle togther amd collecting them in a heard roundup
long journeys which cowboys hearded cattle to go to northern markets or better gazing land cattle drive
competition among large ranchers, small ranchers and farmers on the plains for the use of open range range wars
area of the great plains stretching from texas to canada on which many ranchers raised cattle in the 1800s cattle kingdom
Trail from San Antiono Texas to Abilene Kanas established by Jessie Chisolm in 1867 for cattle drivers Chisolm Trail
name given to both the plains farmers and the plows they used to break up regions of tough sod sodbusters
method of farming taught by Hardy Campbell for plains farmers in the 1890s that allowed farmers to grow certain crops with less water dry farming
Law passed by congress to encourage settlement in the west by giving governemnt owned land to small farmers Homestead Act
Native American leader.war on teh plains cheif crazy horse
defeated by Sioux-civil war verteran was command of the US army 7th calavary George Armstrong Custer
Sioux-refused to give up the black hills Sitting Bull
Led own band of troops;family killed send hundreds of troops after him Gerinmo
Pauite Indian-call for reforms,lectures on problems of the Reservation system Sarah Winnemucca
buiness man,built pens for cattle in small town of Abeline Texas Joesph McCoy
gold mining wasnt working,moved to teton valley montana and was a rancher "Cattle Queen of Montana" Elizbeth Collins
African american cowboy who wrote autobiography about his life Nat Love
made fourtne designing,building, and selling farm equiptment,made reaper Cyrus McCormick
OPEN ENDED: How did the railroad helo the growth of the towns in the west? Alot of people wanted to be near the railroad,so they went out and built them. More people coming in and out of the town the more money the people makes. Also the refrigated car kept food good
OPEN ENDED:what was it like for the cowboys? Cowboys faced the dangers of cattle theives,bad weather and unpredicatable livestock.Worked hard and didnt have shelter for months.
OPEN ENDED: Describe the factors of the Boom and Bust of the cattle kingdom Boom: Texas longhorn,railroads ship the cattle at a higher price,demand for beef in the east,open range-cattle could travel long distances
What put the pony express out of buiness? telegraph
The comstock lode was a rich bonanza of gold and silver in the west
Mining- was one of the most dangerous jobs
Immigrants who worked in mine often faced discrimination
what happen to the boom towns when the mines closed? they dissapeared
The federal government hepled railroad companies build a transcontiental railroad by the passing of Pacific Railway Acts
Union and Central pacific railroads conntect at? Promontory,Utah
War on the plains:US leaders:Native American Leaders:Problems:Resloution: William T ShermanBlack Kettle,Crazy Horse,Red CloudSand Creek Massacre,US restricted Indians to live on reservations
War With the Sioux:USNATIVEPROBRES George Armstrong CusterSitting Bull,Crazy Horsefound gold in the Black Hills and wanted Sioux to sell their land,killed Sitting bull,Massacre at wonded knee,Battle of Little Bighorn,Ghost dance
Southwest and Far WestUSNATPROBRES Kit Carson,GerinmoCheif JoesphUS raids Navajo fields,home,livestock.Navajo moved to a reservationUS government sent Gerinmo and many apache to florida prison.moved to reservations
first major agreement between US and Plains Indians Fort Larmie Treatyt
1858 discovery that led to conflict between Cheyenne and Arapaho gold
US army officer who led attaack on Cheyanne John M Chivington
killing of some 200 Cheyenne men women and children Sand Creek Massacre
Where was the Bozemen trail and who used it miners whymoning to montana
most of the plains indians agreed to live on reservations after signing traty of medicine lodge
war on the great plains ended with massacre at wounded knee
Century of Dishonor was written by... Helen Hunt Jackson
The_________ended up dividing reservations land among indians massacre of wounded knee
the comstock lode was in Nevada
The pacific railway acts gave railroad companies large areas of land
Central Pacific Workers Start Challenges Chinese immigrantsScaremento californiasierra nevada mountains
Union Pacific Workers start challenges immigrants,civil war veteransOmah Nebraskaharsh weather
who invented the barbed wire? Joseph Glidden
Homestead actprovided required 160 acres of government ownded land to settlersUS citizen shiplive on land for 5 years
Morill Act Provided Required 17 millions acresstates had use funds from sale of land to build colleges
owner of the 1st ranch in the texas panhandle charles goodnight
point from which cattle were shipped on the Kanas Pacific Coast Line Abilene
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