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Microbiology - Prions, Viroids, Viruses

Prions, Viroids, Viruses missing link btwn non-living & living b/c don't have all characteristics of living; lack ability to reproduce on their own; are infectious agents & reproduce inside host cells; obligate intracellular parasite
Prions proteins, smallest disease agent; linked to Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease (mental degeneration), Kuru-Canabalism; Bovine Spongiferous Encephalitis (Mad Cow Disease); Scrapie (Sheep Disease)
Prions Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease
Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease Mental Degeneration
Prions Kuru
Kuru Cannibalism
Prions Bovine Spongiferous Encephalitis
Bovine Spongiferous Encephalitis Mad Cow Disease
Prions Scrapie
Scrapie Sheep Disease
Prusiner 1997 Nobel prize - Scrapie
Viroid made up of RNA; causes only plant diseases
Viruses made up of at least capside (protien) & 1 of 4 kinds of Nucleic Acid
4 kinds of Nucleic Acid Double Stranded DNA & RNA, Single Stranded DNA &RNA
Viruses some contain envelope
Viruses Are genetic parasites
Genetic parasites Depend on host metabolism for reproduction
Polio virus only virus capable of reproduction w/o intact host cells
Venter 2003; synthesized 'A' phage (bacterial virus)
Smallest Virus Enteroviruses 30nm
Largest virus Orthopox 300nm
Shape of Viruses Helical, polyhedral - iscosa hedral, Complex - bullet shaped; Spherical - enveloped
1st virus to be indentified Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV)
TMV filterable agent
Beijerinck (1899) characterized them as infectious
Stanley (1935) crystallized TMV; 1st observed virus TMV
viral replication lytic & lysogenic cycles in phages
Created by: JYarger