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Social Studies Chapter 3

The Southeast is made up of how many states? 12
The source or starting point of the Mississippi River Lake Itasca in Minnesota
This is the place where a river empties into the ocean or another large body of water. the mouth
Into what body of water does the Mississippi River empty into? the Gulf of Mexico
What Southeast states does the Mississippi border? Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi,Arkansas, Louisiana
What major tributaries are found in the Southeast? Ohio, Cumberland, and Tennessee rivers
What tributary flows through Wyoming? Platte River
Which state contains the mouth of the Mississippi River? Louisiana
What are two large tributaries of the Mississippi River? Missouri and Ohio rivers
Where is Puerto Rico? in the Carribbean Sea
Why does it take skill to pilot a riverboat down the Mississippi? Over time the river changes its course.
According to Bob Gardner, "Every six months you seem to be looking at a new river." Is this statement a fact or an opinion? Why? The statement is an opinion, as signaled by the clue word 'seem'.
What is the general climate of the Southeast? warm, with moderate amounts of rainfall
How is the climate of the Southeast good for growing crops? The warm weather and the amount of rain are suitable for growing many crops
What is a growing season? The number of days in a year when the weather is warm enough for crops to grow.
What advantage do Southeastern farmers have over farmers in cooler climates? The Southeast has a longer growing season than cooler regions.
Why is it difficult to raise peanuts in Michigan? Because even just a few days of frost can kill a peanut crop.
What cash crops grow in the Southeast? tobacco, rice, oranges, peanuts, pineapples, peas, beans
What are some of the resources and services that are important to the economy of the Southeast? coal, soil, forests, services, banks
Why did the coal industry begin to grow faster in the 1830's? Railroads began to spread, making coal easier to haul.
The Aswant High Dam helps the people of Egypt by Producing hydroelectric power
Which mineral is valuable because it can be burned for heat? coal
What helps control floods by soaking up water? wetlands
What is formed when a river deposits soil at the place where it runs into the sea? delta
Many tourists are drawn to the Southeast by its climate
How is mining today different from mining 100 years ago? technology has changed
One of the most common dangers of working in a coal mine is a cave-in



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