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History 7.2

World regional patterns: A Survey

Allah the Moslem name for God
atheism the belief that there is no God
Buddhism an eastern religion
caliph a Moslem ruler
capitalism an economic system in which private individuals or groups of individuals own land, factories, and other means of production
caste a Hindu social level
communism an economic and political system in which most or all property is owned by the state and is theoretically shared by all
evolution the belief that all present forms of life developed from a few simple forms billions of years ago
Fertile Crescent a fertile area in the Near East extending from the Tigris-Euphrates valley to the Jordan valley
fetish an object or thing which is believed to have magical powers to help or harm depending on what is wanted
fundamentalist one who believes in the absule truth of a religio
Hinduism an eastern religion from India
humanism the concept that man is the only important reality
imam a Mslem scholar, a leader among certain groups in Islam
isthmus a narrow strip of land, with water on both sides of it, connecting two larger bodies of land
Judaism the religion of the Jews based in the teachings found in the Old Testament
jungle a very wet tropical region
karma a Hindu teaching or belief that says one is reborn into a higher or lower existence based on how one lived in the previous existance
Koran the holy book of the Moslems
melanin a dark pigment found in the skin and hair
Moslem a follower of Islam
Nirvana the Buddhist idea of a heavenly peace or condition
Panama Canal a man-made waterway that separates North America and South America
pantheism the belief that God is in everything; that all things hold a piece of God who is the total of all of the things
pantheon all the gods of a people or ethnic group
permafrost area of soil beneath the surface that is permanently frozen in polar and near polar areas
plains a flat grassland of the humid middle latitude
plague a very dangerous disease that spreads rapidly and often causes death
polygamy the practice of having more than one wife at one time
polytheism the worship of more than one god, usually many
proletariat the class of industrial workers who must earn their living by their labor because they do not have the means to go into business for themselves
rain forest a very wet tropical region
reincarnation the rebirth into another life on this earth after death
savanna a flat grassland of the tropics
Shintoism the national religion of Japan
steppe a flat grassland of the humid middle latitudes
tundra a treeless plain of the polar regions
utopia a place of social or political perfection
voodoo a religion that includes the use of magic and sorcery
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