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Chapter 15

20/21st - Davis - SVHS - The New Deal

Is the amount by which the government's spending exceeds income over a particular period of time, more money going out than coming in. Deficit Spending
Another name for FDR's New Deal programs. Alphabet Soup
Left-Winged, felt FDR’s program was NOT doing enough. Liberals
Right-Winged, ) felt that government intervention was TOO much and interfered with our free market economy. Conservatives
The program designed to alleviate the problems of the Great Depression. The New Deal
An alignment of diverse groups dedicated to supporting the Democratic Party. New Deal Coalition
Painted "American Gothic" Grant Wood
An early supporter of the New Deal, but later turned against Roosevelt. Was assassinated by a lone gunman. Huey Long
Aided farmers and regulated crop production AAA
Protected collective bargaining rights for unions NIRA
During the 100 Days, Congress passed ____ major pieces of legislation that significantly expanded government’s role in the nation’s economy and welfare 15
FDR's first order of business when taking office was to get the banking system in order
FDR passed the Glass-Steagall Act establishing what program that insured account holders up to $5,000 and set strict standards for banks to follow (today = $100,000) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation(FDIC)
What Program Raised crop prices by lowering production? Agricultural Adjustment Act(AAA)
As part of what program did Men ages 18 to 25 worked building roads, parks, planting trees? (200 million trees in Dust Bowl areas) Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
By the mid-1930s, the Supreme Court struck down what two New Deal Programs claiming them to be unconstitutional (citing too much government control) NIRA & AAA
How was FDR able to carry out his New Deal programs without interference from the Courts? Key Supreme Court Retirements & Appointing 7 New Supreme Court Judges
What was FDR's first priority with his 2nd New Deal? providing aid to farmers by reinvigorating the AAA
As part of this program 850 airports, 651,000 miles of roads and streets, and 125,000 public buildings were built Works Progress Administration (WPA)
Was created to provide education, jobs and recreation for young people by getting young people off the streets and into schools and helping them to get jobs National Youth Administration (NYA)
In 1938, Congress passed the Fair Labor Standards Act which did what set maximum hours at 44 per week and minimum wage at 25 cents per hour
Became head of the nation’s first all-black union –the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters A. Philip Randolph
Despite efforts made FDR never fully committed to Civil Rights issue
Gave Natives more ownership of reservations The Reorganization Act of 1934
Who supported FDR during the 1936 election? African Americans, Jews, Catholics and immigrants
What was the most famous film of the 1930's? Gone with the Wind
Radio captured news with one of the first worldwide broadcasts of immediate news coverage being the horrific crash of the Hindenburg
Supporters claimed FDR struck a reasonable balance between what two extremes Unregulated Capitalism and Overregulated Socialism
What really ended the Great Depression? massive amount of spending (deficit spending) by the government on equipment/supplies needed for WWII
What emotions did the New Deal bring to the American public? hope/gratitude for some and anger/criticism for others
Created by: davissvhs