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Philosophy 1, chp. 2

Philosophy 1, chapter 2 Q & A

1.What has been applied to chiropractic research in the last 3 decades? Scientific method
4. What relationship was described in 1832 in the American Journal of Medical Sciences? Spinal related to viscera
8. Who is the founder of osteopathy? Dr. Andrw Still
9.What additional beliefs of D.D. Palmer were added to his mechanistic view point of treating spinal disorders? spiritualism, vitalism (metaphysical)
10. Define "spiritualism" & name the particular philosophical contruct which developed from it? spiritualism - seances
12. What does the theory of vitalism propose? life is more than physical & chemical
13. Whose hearing ws 1st reported restored by Palmer following and adjustment? Harvey Lillard
15. D.D. Palmer's initial philosophy of chiropractic could be described as ___ mechanistic
16.What is obviously absent in D.D. Palmer's earliest writings? reference to metaphysical
17.According to D.D.Palmer, what may cause nerve pressure? muscles
18. What describes the adjustments applied by D.D. Palmer? specifice (segmentalist)
19.What describes the manipulations advocated by Andrew Still? generalized
20. What system is supreme in the mind of D.D. Palmer in the health & disease processes? nervous system
21. According to D.D. Palmer, what is the greatest source of pressure on nerves? articulation
22. What influences brought about D.D. Palmer's new emphasis on innate philosophy? Legal system
23. Whose trial likely brought about D.D. Palmer's new emphasis on innate philosohy Morikubo
24. What was B.J. Palmer's reason for clining to innate philosophy? to avoid medical persecution?
26. According to D.D. Palmer, what resulted from a bone out of place? nerve impingement
28. From a scientific viewpoint, why must Innate be rejected? Because it cannot measure innate
29. Who published the first chiropractic textbook? When? Langsworthy, Smith, Pason (1907)
30. What theory was presented in Modernized Chiropractic and which was rejected? hypomobility - fixation was presented; BOOP rejected (yet was still overwhelming accepted in the field)
31. What current subluxation hypothesis was Langsworthy the first to describe? Segmental dsyfunction
32. What is the meric system? relating the spine to the viscera
36. "B.J. Plamer was originally a segmentalist." What does that mean? specific spine to viscera
37. What instrucment did B.J. Palmer develop to detect subluxation? neurocalometer
38. Name 4 criteria established by B.J. Palmer to define a subluxation? malposition, occlusion, nerve impingement, interference
39. Where in the spine did B.J. later assert was the only possible subluxation site? atlas-axis
41. According to Illi, what does an adjustment actually accomplisyh? restores motion
42. What, unfortunatley, have chiropractors tended to ignore or rationalize? challenges to our basic beliefs have tended to be ignored
Created by: JYarger
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