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antebellum america

study of antebellum america

what are the four parts of the compromise of 1850? 1. california became a free state. 2. slave trade was abolished in washington D.Cl 3. fugitive slave law was createdl 4. the mexican session was divided into utah and new mexico territories.
who was the author of "uncle tom's cabin"? harriet Beecher Stowe.
what was the purpose of "uncle tom's cabin"? to open the eyes of the southern americans to the problems of slavery.
who was the creator of the Kansas- Nebraska act? Stephen douglas.
what is "popular sovereignty"? people get to vote and decide on the issue.
how did the Kansas- Nebraska act upset the missouri compromise? it supported the north more than the south and abolished the 36-30 line.
what role did the republican party play in the Kansas- Nebraska act? they were keeping slavery out of it.
how did the Kansas- Nebraska act affect the author's political future in the north? this event destroyed it.
what was the reason behind "bleeding kansas"? "bleeding kansas was started because of the wars and battles between the pro- slave people and the anti- slave people.
what was a "border ruffian"? people who crossed the border illegally to vote in other states.
what was a "jayhawker"? someone who fought against slavery.
who was "john Brown"? he was the leader of the jayhawkers.
who was :William Quantrill"? he was the leader of the border ruffians and the bushwackers. he used to be a jayhawker but after so jayhawkers killed his brother he went to the dark side. (and not because the had cookies)
who was "Charles Sumner"? a northerner who talked about slavery being evil.
who was :Preston Brooks"? He was the person who caned sumner and was the one who defended the north.
what did this man want to do? he wanted to promote famous towns to build a railroad from chicago to california.
Why did brooks cane sumner? for saying bad things about the south and he was defending his uncles honor.
how did the north and south react differently to the event the north thought the south was evil because brooks caned sumner and the south thought the north was evil because they said bad things about the south
who was the author of the compromise of 1850? henry clay
what year was "Uncle Tom's Cabin"? 1852
what year was the kansas- nebraska act? 1854
what years were bleeding kansas? 1854- 1861
what year was the caning of sumner? 1856
Created by: jakej868