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AP Govt CPHS Chap 15

AP Govt. CPHS Chap. 15

Yellow Journalism A form of newspaper publishing in vogue in the late-nineteenth century that featured pictures, comics, color, and sensationalized, oversimplified news coverage.
Muckraking A form of journalism, in voge in the early twentieth century, concerned with reforming government and business conduct.
Print Press The traditional form of mass media, comprising newspapers, magazines, and journals.
Electronic Media The broadcast and cable media, including television, radio, and the Internet.
Network An association of broadcast stations (radio or television) that share programming through a financial arrangement.
Affiliates Local television stations that carry the programming of a national network.
Wire Service An electronic delivery of news gathered by the news service's correspondents and sent to all member news media organizations.
Press Release A document offering an official comment or position.
Press Briefing A relatively restricted session between a press secretary or aide and the press.
Press Conference An unrestricted session between an elected official and the press.
On Background Information provided to a journalist that will not be attributed to a named source.
Deep Background Information provided to a journalist that will not be attributed to any source.
Off the Record Information provided to a journalist that will not be released to the public.
On the Record Information provided to a journalist that can be released and attributed by name to the source.
New York Times Co. v. Sullivan (1964) The Supreme Court concluded that "actual malice" must be proved to support a finding of libel against a public figure.
Media Effects The influence of news sources on public opinion.
Content Regulation Government attempts to regulate the electronic media.
Equal Time Rule The rule that requires broadcast stations to sell air time equally to all candidates in a political campaign if they choose to sell it to any.
Fairness Doctrine Rule in effect from 1949 to 1985 requiring broadcasters to cover events adequately and to present contrasting views on important public issues.
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