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Chapter 14 Review

South Carolina history Chapter 14 Quiz/Review

What were the military and political strategies of the North? Anaconda plan, taking over Richmond, Blockade
Why were conscription laws unpopular in North and South? because exceptions were made for owners of twenty or more slaves and because draftees could hire substitutes.
What happened to the western counties of Virginia as a result of secession? The politicians in the western counties got together and created what they called the true government of Virginia. They agreed to stay with the Union. This created the state of West Virginia.
What was the primary cause for which the South was fighting? The right of secession.
What was a blockade runner? Fast ships that were supposed to be able to outrun the Union blockade ships, to bring in goods and supplies.
Where was the first land battle fought in South Carolina during the Civil War? Secessionville (James Island).
Why did Lincoln decide to issue the Emancipation Proclamation? He wanted to free the slaves so that he could weaken the Confederate government.
What was the primary objective of the Union's campaign in the west? to destroy the Confederate army and to create "total war"
What personal reason did Sherman have for wanting to attack Columbia? He wanted to destroy the capital/city that had started the war.
How did soldiers often react when morale at home was low or gone? Their moral began to decrease and/or they ran away from the war.
How did southern opinion about the need for northern goods change during the war? At first, they didn't need much, but then their resources began to decrease and they were desperate for supplies and necessities.
How did religion help southerners during the war? Religion helped some southerners maintain their courage.
What was the Hunley? What did the Hunley do that was significant? The Hunley was a Confederate submarine that succeeded in ramming a shaft armed with explosives into the side of an opposing army's boat.
What was the overall Southern strategy of the war? Defensive war
Where did most Civil War fighting occur? Northern Virginia and along the Mississippi River.
Where, when, and why were the first shots of the war fired? Fort Sumter- 4/12/1861- because the Union was attempting to re-supply the fort.
What was the first major setback for the South? When the Union took Port Royal.
How long did the Union have Port Royal? The rest of the war.
Where did the Union Blockade operate? From Port Royal.
Despite the blockade runners, what did the Union use that made the Blockade successful? Why? Minefields because the Union wanted to sank ships to create obstacles for the opposing side.
What was the point of the Blockade? to stop the Confederates from getting supplies
What did the Planters want? What did many of them do? To defend the Southern way of life. Many planters volunteered and served in the army as officers.
What did the conscription laws appear as? Made it appear that the poor were fighting the war.
What did the Civil War eventually lead to? The end of slavery.
Who ran things when soldiers were off on the battlefield? Women.
Why did money become worthless during parts of the Civil War? Because of inflation.
What were some women's occupations/roles in the war? Some women served as nurses?
What would happen if people in the South fled their homes? They would come back to ruins.
What is a person that flees called? A refugee.
What was the main reason soldiers were killed in the war? Disease.
What did the Emancipation Proclamation state? That all slaves in areas that are not yet captured by the Union are now free. (by January 1, 1863.)
Slaves were free as a result of what? Military Action, not the Emancipation Proclamation.
The Emancipation Proclamation allowed for what? It allowed blacks to fight for the Union even though they were descriminated against.
According to the data, what percentage of factories was located in the North? 83 percent
What did the South do with its cotton in the early stages of the Civil War? It placed all its cotton in warehouses to sell later.
Which Civil War battle was the turning point of the war in the East? Gettysburg
Why was it important that the southern states keep their ports open and operational during the Civil War? The South had to ship cotton to England and France in exchange for supplies and arms.
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