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B Government

B vocab.

Baker v. Carr Court decided that congressional district reapportionment may not be used to dilute representation of minorities
ballot devise by which a voter registers a choice in an election
bankruptcy court action to release a person or corporation from unpaid debts
bench trial a trial held without a jury, civil or ciminal proceeding at which the judge decides all questions of fact and law
bicameralism a two-house legislature
bill a proposal presented to a legislative body, for possible enactment as a law.
bill of attainder legislative act, illegal without a judicial trial, that inflicts punishment on an individual or group for the purpose of suppressing that person or group.
Bill of Rights the first ten amendment to the U.S. Constitution guaranteeing specific rights and liberties
bipartisan politics that emphasizes cooperation between the major parties
blanket primary a nominating election in which voters may switch from one political party's primary to another on an office-to-office basis
block grant fed. grants to the states and local communities that are for general use in a broad area, such as community development
boycott refusal to buy or sell an opponent's goods in order to influence his/her behavior.
brief a document containing the collected legal written arguments in a case filed with a court by a party prior to a hearing or trial. Most often an appellate brief filed with a court of appeals.
Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka Court decision that declare the doctrine of "separate but equal" unconstitutional.
bureaucracy any large, complex administrative structure, a hierarchical organization with job specialization and complex rules.
bureaucrat an appointed gov. official with defined responsibilities in a bureaucracy who insists on rigid adherence to rules.
Burger Court the description given the U.S. Court from 1969 yo 1986 (led Warren Burger). It was expected that the "Burger Court" would become a conservative court under Warren Burger and reverse many of the liberal rulings of the earlier Warren Court.
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