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A Government

A Gov. Vocab

ABC Programs "make work" programs implemented by FDR during the Great Depression to give relief to the unemployed masses.
act of admission a congressional act admitting a US territory, into the Union as a State
administration the officials and agencies of the executive branch that carries out public policies
administrative adjudication a quasi-judicial process in which a bureaucratic agency settles disputes between two parties in a manner similar to the way courts resolve disputes
administrative discretion the ability of bureaucrats to make choices concerning the best way to implement congressional intentions.
administrative law rules and regulations that regulate administrative (executive branch) agencies.
admiralty and maritime law law applicable to navigation and commerce on the high seas as well as navigable waterways
advisory referendum a process in which voters cast non-binding ballots on an issue or proposal.
affiliates local television stations that carry the programming of a national network
affirmative action those programs which are designed to overcome past discriminatory actions such as providing educational and employment opportunities to members of a specific group that were previously denied opportunties employment because of their race
agenda a set of problems to which policy makers believe they should be attentive
agenda setting the process of forming the list of issues to be addressed by government.
Albany Plan of Union (by Benjamin Franklin in 1754) that aimed at uniting the 13 colonies for trade, military and other purposes, never enacted.
alien one who is not a citizen (or national) of the state in which he/she lives
ambassador a personal representative appointed by the head of a nation to represent that nation in matters of diplomacy
amendment the modification of the constitution or a law. Modification may be either form (written) or informal (unwritten)
amicus curiae a third-party brief on appeal, filed with leave of the appellate court, whose purpose is to support a party or issue on review.
amnesty ageneral pardon offered to a group of law violators.
anarchy the total absence of government
Anti-Federalists those individuals who were opposed to the creation of a strong national gov. in 1787-1788 out of fear that individual and states' rights would be destroyed.
appeasement the act of making concessions to a political or military rival
appellate court a higher court that has the authority to review the decisions of lower courts on questions of law.
appellate jurisdiction the authority of a court to review decisions of inferior (lower) courts, (original jurisdiction)
apportionment the determination and assignment of representation in a legislature body, based on population.
Articles of Confederation document by which the first U.S. gov. was established after American Revolution; allowed few important powers of the central gov.
articles of impeachment the specific charges brought against a president or a federal judge by the House of Representative
assessment the process of determining the value of property for purposes of taxation
assignment (appointed) counsel system the faceet of the criminal justice system in which criminal defendant who are unable to afford legal representation are provided counsel at state expense.
at-large election of an officeholder by the voters of an entire gov. unit (ex. a State or county) rather than by the voters of a district, a subdivision of that area.
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