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5th Grade

Great Depression

Define "stock market" a place where "shares," or part-ownership in a company or corporation are bought and sold. an Example would be the New York Stock Exchange
Define "Dust Bowl" an area in the Central Plains of the U.S. where there was a terrible drought in the 1930s. Farmers lost their crops and many left their land to move to California to try to find jobs.
Extra Credit question: who wrote the book "Grapes of Wrath?" John Steinbeck
Who was President of the United States at the of the Great Depression? Herbert Hoover
What was Franklin Delano Roosevelt's wife's name? Eleanor ower
What was the term used to describe new government programs that were intended to make people's lives better? One example is the Social Security program. the New Deal
What year did the great Stock Market occur? 1
Extra Credit question: What does it mean if you buy a stock "on margin?" it means that you BORROW the MONEY to buy the stock.
How many banks failed in during the Great Depression? was it less than 50, or more than 500? it was more than 500 banks that failed - mostly in agricultural (farm) areas
What year was Franklin Delano Roosevelt elected? 32
What is a nickname for Franklin Delano Roosevelt? rdf
In which state did FDR visit warm springs as a treatment for his polio? Georgia
Created by: shca