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Social Studies. Ch 5

Ch.5 Section 2

The shift from prehistoric to historic is because of _________ words written
Spanish and French ____________ had the first written records about the Native Americans explorers
Europeans ___ ___ understand the Native American language or practices did not
_________ explorer Hernado De Soto , went to Cuba in 1539 to ______ for gold (in southern region -USA today) Spanish, search
De Soto and ______ brought European Diseases others
Native Americans had NO immunity or resistance to the European illness, a lot of the Native Americans ___ died
The _____ plague is the European disease black
The French ______ with the Native Americans interact
The ________ revolution was during 1776 (Hamilton) American
The ______ explored New Orleans because of natural and rich resources French
The French began to explore and ______ around the 1700s settle
The French came across an _____ village from where the Natives fled because of the diseases empty
French settlers and explorers identified a _______ of tribes numbers
a group of native people who share a name, common ancestry, language, and way of life tribe
A common language shared through different tribes is ________ Mobilian
When the French arrived they encountered seven _____ tribal groups major
____ tribes moved to different areas because of European settlement Many
Native Americans ____ European trade goods (pots, blankets,guns) used
Atakapa and Natchez tribe group ____ by the 1730s ended
The Historic tribes are the _____ of cities in Louisiana names
The Atakapa tribe lived in the South West corner of _______ day Louisiana, along the Red _____ present, River
The Atakapa used their cannibalism on their ______ or rivals enemies
people eaters are also known as cannibals
The Atakapa _________ from European disease suffered
Tribes who survived the European disease were forced out of their _____ or land by settlers homes
Natchez people lived in the _____Village of the Eastern Bluffs above the Miss. River Grand
a cliff, small hill, or other elevation on the side of a MT. or hill that rises steeply from the ground, usually without trees or shrubs bluff
The Natchez people were ________ as fearsome warriors by the Europeans described
Natchez people had a highly developed _____ structure 1st. Kings 2nd. Nobles 3rd / last. Stinkards class
The Natchez had detailed _______ and tattoos clothing
The Natchez chose their land _________, but the French forced / _______ them off in 1729 skillfully, ordered
Few of the Natchez people didn't rebuild villages because they were ______ of the French attacking them scared
The Natchez died but some _______ parts of other groups (Creek, Cherokee) became
The Caddo tribe is ________ in present day Shreveport along the Red River located
The Caddo were _______ and farmers traders
The Caddo were affected by the border ________ between the French, Spanish, and US conflicts
The Caddo made a ____ with the US in 1835, trading land for money and goods deal
The Caddo were ______ out of their land, but lived in the UCN (United Caddo Nation) in Oklahoma. They still ____ their ancient practices forced, kept
The Chitimacha ______ their origins to 500 CE (oldest). With members at 20,000 and spread across 15 villages. Then it _______ because of illness and conflict with the French traced, dropped
1763 Acadians settled by Chitimacha. Then they both _______ and became 1. French became a common language for them married
1917, the US made the Chitimacha a ____-governing tribe. They lived on a reservation __ Saint Mary Parish. self, by
Choctaw is in present day Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana ____ area
An internal tribal war _______ after the Choctaw broke the peace between the French and British during the French and Indian war of 1763 happened
The Choctaw ____ their land to the US in 1830. Most descendants of the Choctaw _____ on the Oklahoma and Mississippi reservation gave, lived
Rene-Robert Cavalier ____ the Houma people on his journey down the Miss. River in 1682 meet
Houma people ended up in the swamps and marshes where they ______ to (hunt, fish, trap animals) learned
15,000 members live in Terrebone and Lafourche _______ Parishes
_____ people are recognized as a Louisiana tribe, but didn't get the federal recognition Houma
lived in Mississippi but forced inland by the French Tunica-Biloxi (biloxi Mississippi)
Tunica-Biloxi tribe used trading skills to _______ their relationship with European settlers control
Tunica-Biloxi ______ federal recognition in 1986. They lived on Avoyelles parish reservation and ______ their own events gained, govern
Coushatta was from Tennessee, but moved east to get out of ______ with Spanish and English . 900 members _____ to Louisiana by 1800s contact, moved
Created by: keflabrown
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