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World War Two

About how many Jews were murdered during the Holocaust? 6 Million
What were concentration camps? Places where Jews & others were imprisioned & murdered
How did the use of the atomic bombs impact the outcome of WWII Japan was forced to surrender
Where did the largest sea invasion in world history take place? Normandy, France
After which battle was Germany forced to retreat from the Soviet Union? Battle of Stalingrad
After which battle did Japan's navy become too weak to continue capturing islands in the Pacific? Battle of Midway
What was the Manhattan Project? The effort by the USto build an atomic bomb
Describe the Executive Order #9066- It forced many Japanese Americans to move to internment camps
Where did the first African American fighter piliots begin training? Tuskegee, Alabama
What was the role of American women? Pilots, factory workers, mechanics
Describe the effects of WWII on the US economy? Many factories had to expand to produce military equipment
Who were the Axis powerw in WWII Germany, Italy, & Japan
Why did the rise of dictators cause concerns in the 1930's Dictators planned to attack and conquer other countries.
What event caused the US to enter WWII? Japan bombed Pearl Harbor
Why did Great Britain and France declare war on Germany? Germany invaded Poland
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