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GCSE History

International Relations 1919-39

Nov - Armistice signed ending WWI 1918
The Paris Peace Conference begins 1919
The Treaty of Versailles is signed by German leaders. The League of Nations is established 1920
US Congress refuses to join the League of Nations 1920
Vilna - League fails to prevent Poland occupying Vilna 1920
Details of reparations set at £6600 million 1921
Upper Silesia - a League organised plebiscite leads to a successful splitting of Upper Silesia between Germany and Poland 1921
Aaland Islands - League decides the Islands should be given to Finland. Sweden accepts this decision 1921
French and Belgian troops invade the Ruhr to claim unpaid reparations. A hyperinflation crisis follows 1923
Corfu - Mussolini occupies Corfu in retaliation for the alleged murder of an Italian official on Greek-Albanian border. League fails to act against Italian aggression 1923
Britain and France attempt to draw up a Geneva Protocol to strengthen the League saying that all members involved in a dispute would accept the League Council’s decisions. Britain failed to sign the Protocol after a change of government 1924
Dawes Plan introduced 1924
The Locarno Treaties are signed. Germany accepts the details of the Treaty of Versailles 1925
Greek invasion of Bulgaria condemned by the League and Greeks are forced to withdraw. They claim there is one rule for the bigger powers and one for the smaller ones. 1925
Germany joins the League of Nations 1926
The Kellogg-Briand Pact 1928
Young Plan introduced 1929
Oct 1929
The Manchurian Crisis – Japan begins to build a Pacific Empire 1931-1933
Lytton report into Manchuria condemns Japan 1932
Japan leaves the League of Nations 1933
Germany leaves the League of Nations 1933
Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany 1933
Hitler begins rearming Germany 1933-35
Stresa Pact signed between Britain France and Italy. Uniting them against German rearmament 1935
The Abyssinian Crisis – Italy invades Abyssinia (Ethiopia) 1935-36
People of the Saar vote to return to Germany after a plebiscite (vote) 1935
Anglo-German Naval Treaty Britain helps Germany break the Treaty of Versailles by signing an agreement to allow Germany a navy one-third of the size of Britain's. 1935
German troops re-occupy the Rhineland 1936
Hitler tests his armed forces when German bombers which are helping the Fascists in the Spanish Civil War bomb the Spanish town of Guernica. Civilians in Britain and France are frightened. 1936
Italy leaves the League of Nations 1937
Hitler unifies Austria and Germany (Anschluss) 1938
Hitler occupies the Sudetenland. Chamberlain signs Munich Agreement and declares ‘Peace in Our Time’ 1938
Hitler invades Czechoslovakia 1939
Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact signed by Foreign Ministers of Germany and Russia 1939
Hitler invades Poland. Britain and France declare war on Germany 1939
Created by: mrjstacey
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