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Module 13 Lesson 7

The Inca Create a Mountain Empire

What difficult encounters did the Inca live with in their environment? The Inca dealt with harsh physical conditions like warm weather, earthquakes, traveling long distances to communicate and trade, and the region was difficult to farm.
What did the Inca choose to believe about their ruler? Their ruler was related to the sun god who brung wealth and power to them. Only men from one of 11 noble families were believed to be descendants of the sun god and serve as king.
What occurred after the ruler Huayana Capac died? When ruler Huayana Capac died his two sons Atahualpa and Huascar started a civil war. Atahualpa was the one to win but this tore the empire apart and weakened it. The Spanish used their weakness to divide and conquer the empire through their civil war af
How did the Inca government create unity? They created unity because they had a highly organized system to govern their empire. The small group of people called ayllu worked together for the common good and would build things together like ditches and families were placed in groups. They also too
How did the Inca empire grow? The Inca empire grew through military conquest and when the Inca offered new people the chance to join the empire peacefully as long as they swore loyalty to the emperor. They also tried to win the loyalty of the conquered through friendship rather than f
Created by: azionaparker
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