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Caribbean Final Exam


Consequence of emancipation Harvest crop dropped
Last indentured servants India
Sharecropping Working for half the crop
Ex slaves weren't free from Debt, fear, isolation
Masculinization Described rebellious women
Morant Bay rebellion Massacre in Jamaica
José Martí Cuban revolutionist
Black cultural nationalism Reaction to negative representation
United Negro Improvement Association Founded by Marcus Garvey
Pinnacle Self sustained Rasta community
New Rasta goal Transform Jamaica
Blackness Negritude
Eugenics Genetically better than others
Peninsulares vs criollos Similar to Whites vs Blacks
USS Maine US joins Spanish-Cuban-American War
United States Main power in the 20 C Caribbean
Rafael Trujillo 30 yr dictatorship
Haitian invasions Dominican resentment
Peralte rebellion Reacted to US racism towards Haitians
US occupations Cuba-Haiti-Dominican Republic
Police intervention Fatalities in riots
Trade unions Protected workers
Political parties Combined with unions
Reduction of wages Malnutrition, disease, etc.
Returning soldiers Found no jobs at home
Beet sugar Cane sugar competitor
Batista Dictator before Castro
Castro's attempts to power Three times
Castro's agenda Fix unemployment, literacy, equality, segregation
Middle/Upper class Cubans First to migrate
Castro's failures Jails were full, social discontent, inflation, rationing
Countries that supported Castro Lost US support
Bay of Pigs Cubans defeated US attempted attack
Caribbean One of the most colonized places
President Duvalier Haitian dictator
Parsley massacre Trujillo's assassination of Haitians
Treaty of Paris US acquires Spain's last territories
1980s Most anglophone Caribbean was independent
Puerto Rican residents Cannot vote in the US
Drug trade Used to bribe politicians
Industrialization Modern economic vehicle
Tourism Largest economic industry in the Caribbean
Affected environment Tourism, sea level, contamination, natural phenomena
20 C Migration to US better opportunities
Diverse societies in the Caribbean LGBTQIA+, religions, ethnicities
Industrialization failure not enough jobs
Creolization Caribbean adaptation of European practices
Music Salsa, Reggae, Biguine, etc.
Diaspora literature double gaze/double tongue
Sports Baseball, basketball, boxing, cricket
Syncretism coexistence of different cultural elements
Carnival celebration prior to lent
Women migrate more, create social connections
Professional vacuum migration of educated/skilled individuals, leaving the Caribbean without professional force
Created by: geniecita
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