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AICP Planng History5

Planning History in the 1940 & 1950's

What was the first "Green Book"? When was it written? Local Planning Adminstration by Ladislas Segoe in 1941
What replaced the National Planning Board? Year? National Resources Planning Board in 1943
What was the Bretton Woods (NH) agreement? When? US & allies meet to establish International Bank for Reconstruction & Development in 1944. This led to the development of the "World Bank".
What is the Serviceman's Readjustment Act? When? GI Bill. Provided loans to veterans which caused a demand for suburbs in 1944.
What was the predessor to HUD? Year? Housing and Home Financing Adminstration in 1947.
What was the 1949 Housing Act? What name is it also known for? 1st US comprehensive housing legislations. Aimed at constructing 800,000 units. Also known as the Wagner-Ellender-Taft bill.
What did the Housing Act of 1949 enable? Urban redevelopment programs to be funded through federal aide.
Describe 2 federal actions that propelled suburban development in the 1950s. 1) Development of roads & highways. 2) Low cost FHA & VA mortgages.
What happened in Brown v Board of Education (Topeka, KA)? Year? 1954 ruling which overturned practice of school segregation & propelled school integration. Led to the segregation of neighborhoods as whites fled mixed race areas.
What happened in Berman v Parker? Year? 1954 Supreme Ct Decision upheld right of W, DC redevelopment land agency to condem properties that are unsightly in order to executive standards of a redevelopment plan.
What was the Housing Act of 1954? How is it different from the 1949 Act? The 1954 Housing Act stressed slum prevention & urban renewal rather than slum clearance and redevelopment as the 1949 Act did.
When did the Council of Government Movement begin? 1954 in Detroit with the formation of the the Supervisors Inter_County Committee with reps of each county for purpose of addressing regional issues.
What did Robert Mitchell & Chester Rapkin do? Wrote "Urban Traffic: A Function of Land Use" regarding land use structure of modern metropolitan region in 1954.
What was the Air Pollution Control Act? Year? First national legislation regarding air pollution. 1954.
What Federal Legislation established Urban Renewal Programs? Housing Act of 1954
What are the 4 air pollution control acts of the 20th Century? What did they do? 1954/55 -- first one. Followed by updated in 67, 70, and 90. Established standards for identifying source of pollution, standards for levels, and deadlines for addressing clean-up.
What was the focus of the 1956 Federal Aid Highway Act? Link together all cities of 50,000 people and state capitals together.
What federal act triggered highway construction? Interstate Highway Act of 1956.
What classification tool for business was established in 1937? SIC Codes.. Standard Industrial Classification Codes for manufacturing & non manufacturing industries.
When was the American Collegiate School of Planning established? 1959
What Northeastern River System was completed in 1959 St Lawrence Seaway
What did Stuart Chapin write in 1957? "Urban Land Use Planning" which became a common textbook.
Created by: kathie_we
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