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AICP Planng History4

Planning in the 1930's

What was the 1st Federally backed mortgage system? Year established? Purpose? Federal Home Loan Bank System established in 1932 to shore up unstable home financing institutions.
What Federal systems was established to help families facing foreclosure in the Great Depression? Home Owners Loan Corp in 1933
What was the National Planning Board? Under what department was it located? Who led it? Established to prepare a comprehensive plan for public works under the Dept of the Interior in 1933. it was led by Federick Delano, Charles Merriam, & Wesley Mitchell.
What was the Civilan Conservation Corps? What year was it established? New Deal Program established to provide work for unemployed youth and conserve natural resources in 1933.
What wasthe Federal Emergency Relief Administration? New Deal Program set up to organize relief work in urban & rural areas in 1933
What is the TVA? Tennessee Valley Authority. It was a New Deal program established in 1933 to help redevelop the Tennessee Valley.
What did the TVA do? What year was it created? Established a public utility management department (water, flood,electricity) in Tennessee Valley in 1933. Also built planned communities for its workers.
When was the Federal Housing Administration established? 1934
What was the Taylor Grazing Act? What year? 1934 Federal legislation for regulating the use of the range in the West for conservation.
When was the public works administration established? 1934
When was the American Society of Planning Officials established? Who was its 1st president? What was its significance/ 1934 Alfred Bettman. 1st professional organization for planning officials (public planners, planning officials, & planning related public officials).
What was the National Housing Act? What year was it established? Established the FSLIC for insuring saving deposits & FHA for insuring home mortgages in 1934.
What bill established the Greenbelt Towns? What agency was responsible for them? Year? Leader? Emergency Relief Act of 1935. Rural Resettlement Adminsitration. 1935. Rex Tugwell
What was the Resettlement Administration? When was it created? Leader? Most important accomplishment? Established in 1935 under Rexford Tugwell to carry out experiments in land reform & population resettlement. Buit the Greenbelt Towns.
When was the Social Security Act Passed? 1935
When was the Grande Coulee Dam built? Purpose? Started in 1935. Finished in 1941. It centered the Columbia Basin Project in Central Washington State intended to irrigate, create electricity, and control floods in Pacific NW. It is the largest concrete structure in the US.
What was the Soil Conservation Act? Year? Congressional legislation from 1935 which made prevention of soil erosion a national responsibility.
When was the Hover Dam completed? Pupose? 1936 on the Colorado River to create & sustain growth and development in Nevada, CA, & AZ.
What was the Housing Act of 1937? Created US Housing authority and laid foundation for housing programs through the 20th Century.
What was the successor of the Resettlement Administration? Year? Farm Security Administration. 1937
What was the US Housing Act? What is it also known as? Year? Also known as the Wagner-Steagall Act, it was a 1937 Federal legislation that set hte stage for future gov't aid in housing for poor. Tied slum clearance to public housing.
What did the American City Planning Institute change its name to? Year? American Institute of Planner in 1939
What did the Neighborhood Unit Principle lead to? Who developed it? What year? Clarence Perry's design led to the development of greenbelts and post WWII suburbia. Started in 1939
Explain the neighborhood unit principle? Defined a neighborhood as an area of 160 acres for 5000 inhabitants, surrounded by highways with a school at its center.
Where was the first federally supported Federal Housing constructed? Year? Cleveland in 1934;.. though the first to be occupied was Atlanta.
Created by: kathie_we