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6th Grade Ancient china

Unified China into an empire and used legalism to make a strong government. Qin Shihaungdi
A farmer turned soldier. He led the rebellion which started the Han dynasty. Liu Bang (Pang)
Started the civil service based on merit. Wanted to end the practice of giving people jobs based on family and aristocrats Han Wudi
A European traveler to China. Served under Kublai Khan and helped spread Chinese ideas to Europe. Marco Polo
A relative on Genghis Khan. He began the Yuan dynasty. He became friends with Marco Polo and used Chinese ideas to rule. Kublai Khan
A skilled warrior and leader. He united the Mongol class. He was the first non Chinese ruler. Genghis Khan
A river that deposited rich yellow soil (loess) for farming. It caused enormous floods, destruction and death. Huang He River
Another name for the Huang He River River of Sorrow
flat dry grassland used for herding animals steppes
an area of high and mostly flat land plateaus
a line of rulers from the same family dynasty
built to keep the empire safe from invaders Great Wall of China
People of noble birth whose wealth came from the land they owned.ey owned the land that tenant farmers worked on. aristocrats
They worked on the land owned by the aristocrats. tenant farmers
A network of trade routes from western China to the Mediterranean Sea. The Silk Road
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