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* Cook Unit 6 Latin

* Cook Unit 6 Latin American History

What is the capital of the Aztec Empire? Tenochtitlan
Which items show the Aztec had advanced knowledge? irrigation systems, calendars, and mathematics
What did the Spanish do to the Aztec art and architecture after they conquered the Aztecs? They destroyed it.
What did Montezuma II do to Cortes as they approached Tenochtitlan? He welcomed Cortes.
What was a result of of the defeat of the Aztec? Tenochtitlan was destroyed.
What did Montezuma get from the people he conquered? Taxes and human sacrifices.
What was the capital of the Inca Empire? Cusco
Which modern country includes land that was part of the Inca Empire? Peru
How did the king of Spain reward Pizarro for conquering the Incas? He made him a viceroy (governor)
How did Pizarro conquer the Inca Empire? surprised the emperor's army and took the emperor hostage.
Why did Atahualpa's army give Pizarro 24 tons of gold? They wanted to spare his life.
What happened to Atahualpa's gold? It was sent to the king of Spain.
Which animal helped native people hunt and trade over larger areas? Horse
What was the Columbian Exchange? The moving of animals, plants, people and diseases from the Old World to the New World and the New World to the Old World.
Where did Europeans find cheap labor for work in the New World? Slaves from Africa
What is one effect of slavery that influences Latin America today? Many Latin Americans have ancestors from Africa.
Why are many countries in Latin America still very poor? Although slavery helped to build Latin America, much of the wealth was shipped to Europe.
Which two European countries contributed most to the languages of Latin America? Spanish and Portuguese
What are the two official languages of Latin America? Spanish and Portuguese
How did the Spanish government have an influence on the spread of the Roman Catholic Church in the New World? It paid to build missions to bring Christianity to the native population.
Toussaint L'Ouverture was famous for his role in gaining independence for which country? Haiti
Simon Bolivar was known as the liberator for which people? South Americans
Which country got its independence because of Simon Bolivar's efforts? Venezuela
Miguel Hidalgo was known as the father of independence for which country? Mexico
What job did Miguel Hidalgo have in Mexico? Priest
What event caused people in Mexico to begin to think about independence? France took over Spain and removed the king.
Who took over as dictator of Cuba in 1959? Fidel Castro
Which country helped build Cuba into a communist country? Soviet Union
How did the United States respond when Cuba began taking over property owned by Americans? The United States put an embargo on Cuban goods.
What almost caused a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union? Fidel Castro allowed the Soviet Union to build a nuclear missile launch complex in Cuba.
Why did the Zapatistas not like NAFTA? They believed it would hurt poor Mexican farmers.
What is one area of concern for the Zapitistas? They are concerned with the living conditions of Mexico's indigenous people. They seek to improve health care, housing, education, and jobs.
Created by: kcook
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