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Communist China

Sun Yat-sen, Mao Zedong, Chiang Kai- shek

Cultural Revolution Mao's attempt to destroy all non communist beleifs, he wanted a new China with NO nationalist anything, ended with Mao's death
Great Leap Forward Mao's attempt to industrialize China since they were left out in the Indus. Revolution, building more factories, people were forced onto communes, collective farms, to produce whatever the government told them to produce, FAILURE, lots of people died
Long March an 6,000 mile long journey led by Mao Zedong, 80,000 of his followers went on this journey, there was quicksand, freezing winds and many other hardships, only like 10% lived and ended up in Yan'an, there they spread communist beleifs and won!!!
Sun Yat-sen wanted a more independant and democratic China, wanted a Chinese republic in which foreign nations had no controal over Chinas government, wanted to improve agriculture and industry
warlords local military leaders,seized power in many areas of China during the struggle to overthrow the Qing dynasty
Chiang Kai- shek a Nationalist general and brother in law of Sun Yat- sen, feared power of communists and attacked them at Shanghai and Nanjing
Mao Zedong the communist leader who escaped with 80,000 of his followers, they began the Long March
Created by: gaffy