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Wuthering 25-50

alms money, food, clothes, and other things given to poor people
conjectured to form an opinion or idea without proof or sufficient evidence
gaunt very thin and bony (as from illness or hunger)
impertinence the quality or state of being very rude or disrespectful
misanthrope a person who hates or distrusts humankind
amiable having a friendly and pleasant manner
encroach to gradually move or go into an area that is beyond the usual or desired limits; to gradually take or begin to use or affect something that belongs to someone else or that someone else is using
copious very large in amount or number
diabolical extremely evil
miscreants a person who does something that is illegal or morally wrong
vehemently done in a way that shows great force or energy; highly emotional
decorum correct or proper behavior that shows respect and good manners
dilapidation ​​a condition of decay or partial ruin
epithet a word or phrase that describes a person or thing; an offensive word or name that is used as a way of abusing or insulting someone
lattice a structure made of thin strips of wood or metal that cross each other; a window or gate having a lattice
tenacious not easily stopped or pulled apart : firm or strong; very determined to do something
imp a little devil
interloper a person who is not wanted or welcome by the other people in a situation or place
vindictive likely to seek revenge
rue to feel sorrow or regret for (something)
lament to feel sorrow or regret for (something); to mourn aloud
indolence the quality of being lazy
petulant having or showing the attitude of people who become angry and annoyed when they do not get what they want
eccentric tending to act in strange or unusual ways
knave a dishonest man
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