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People & Places 8th

P.G.T Beauregard/Benjamin Butler/ Robert E. Lee

P.G.T. Beauregard He was one of the most popular generals in the Confederate army. A South Louisiana Creole, he did not Learn to speak English until he went to New York City as a boy to attend school.
Benjamin Butler Was a powerful Democratic politician from Massachusetts. He was a large arrogant man, soon became deeply despised. He had the nickname of “Beast” and “Spoons”
Robert E. Lee He was a general over 12,000 soldiers with Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson in Virginia. Their soldier consisted of French-speaking Catholic Creoles and others were immigrants who spoke various foreign languages.
David Farragut He was a Captain of a large Union fleet, it included 43 ships and 15,000 soldiers.
Abraham Lincoln In the election of 1860, he did not get a single vote in Louisiana or any other Deep South states because the Southern states refused to print his name on the ballot. He would not interfere where slavery was but keep it form moving westward.
Jefferson Davis He was an influential Mississippi politician, became president of the confederacy. He commissioned only eight full generals during the war, and two were Louisianians—P.G.T. Beauregard and Braxton Bragg.
William F. Sherman He resigned as superintendent of the Louisiana State Seminary of Learning and became a major general in the United States Army.
Ulysses S. Grant He created the Grant’s Canal. He was able to send Union fleets past the Vicksburg defenses in the dead of night. He took command of all the Union armies.
Richard Taylor “Dick” was former president Zachary Taylor’s only son and Confederate President Jefferson Davis’ brother-in-law. Was a colonel of the 9th Louisiana Volunteers. He was a general serving under Stonewall Jackson.
Mansfield It was one of the largest Civil War Battles west of the Mississippi River and one of the last Confederate victories in the war.
Port Hudson It was defended by 7,500 Confederates under General Franklin Gardener. The siege raged for 48 days before the Confederates were forced to surrender.
Vicksburg Was the more important target. The City was under command of Confederate General John C. Perverting and protected by about 30,000 soldiers, making it one of the most heavily guarded places in the world.
Created by: P.V.A.
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