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History Quiz

chapter 1

what is geography? study of where people, places and things are located and how they;re related.
what is location? position of a plave on the Earths surface.
what is latitude? measures distance north and south of the equator.
what is longitude? measures the distance west and east of the prime meridian.
what is export? goods sent to markets outside a counrty.
what is import? goods brought into country.
what is interdependence? mutual dpendence of countries on goodsresources and knowledge from other parts of the world.
what is map projections? ways of showing the curved Earth on a flat surface.
what is topography? phsycial features of a place or region.
vegetation? plant life of a place or region
mountains? high steep rugged land that rised about surronding land, atleast 200 ft above sea level.
elevation? heigt above sea level.
hills? raised land, lower and less steep than mountains.
plains? largeareas of fairly level or gently rolling land.
plaeaus? large areas of high, flat or gently rolling land...good for farm land.
climate? average temputer of a place through a period of 20 to 30 years.
culture? all things that make up people.
nuclear family? wife, husbamd, children.
Extended family? several generations under one roof.
monotheism? belief in one god
polytheism? worship of more than one god.
democracy? gov't can only act by and with cosent, people have supreme power.
republic? people choose the leaders.
dictadorship? ruler or group holds power by force.
technology? refers to skills and tools people use.
diffusion? movement of customes or ideas from one place to another.
subculture? group of people within a society who share certain beliefs.
ethnocentris? judging other cultures based on their own.
racsim? belief that one racial group is superior over another.
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