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S.S. ch. 8 test


Type of bomb built during WWII that was more powerful tham any built before it. atomic bomb
Prison in which the Nazis enslaved and murdered millions of Jews and other groups during WWII. concentration camp
Government limiting of the amount of food each person in the U.S. could buy during WWII. rationing
Form of government in which individual freedoms are denied and the government has complete power fascism
Leader with complete control of a country's government. dicator
Adolf Hilter Germany
Benito Mussolini Italy
Joseph Stalin Soviet Union
Hideki Tojo Japan
Winston Churchill Great Britain
What president died before WWII ended? Franklin D. Roosevelt
Who was the first African American general in the U.S. Air Force? Benjamin D. Davis
Albert Einstein warned the U.S. the WHO were probably working on an atomic bomb. Germany
Island hopping was a strategy used by which American General Douglas MacArthur
What happened in the city of Nagasaki, Japan? the U.S. dropped the 2nd atomic bomb
Who were members of the Allies? Britain, France, Canada
What was the Lend-Lease policy? The U.S. would let Britain borrow all the military supplies if needed to fight the Axis.
What was the Battle of Stalingrad a major turing point int he war? Because the Soviet army started forcing the Germans to retreat.
What happened during the Holocaust? The Nazis murdered about six million Jewish people.
What was D-Day? was an Allied invasion of German-controlled Western Europe
What did "Rosie The Riveter" become a symbol of? women who kept American factories running during the war.
Admiral Chester Nimitz served as___________? Commander of American Naval Forces in the Atlantic
Who took over as president after Franklin D Roosevelt died? Harry S. Truman
"Code Talkers" were a group of_________soldiers that used their language to create an unbreakable secret code. Navajo
After the U.S. entered that war, Japanese Americans were forced to leave their homes and move into_____________? relocation camps
The Tuskegee Airman were the first__________fighter pilots. African American
Los Alamos, a city in New Mexico, was the location of__________. a secret lab where scientists worked on the atomic bomb
What was the location chosen for the Allied invasion of Western Europe? Normandy, France
General Holland Smith called the fighting on _________the toughest the Marines ran across in 168 years. Iwo Jima
What countries made up the Axis Powers? Germany, Italy, Japan
What happened on September 1, 1939? Germany invaded Poland, which officially started WWII
May 8, 1945 was given the name V-E Day. What country(s) surrendered on this day? Germany
The American General_________led his men against German Forces in the attack called_______? Geoge S. Patton, The Battle of the Bulge
What was the name of the Jewish girl whose diary has become one of the most famous accounts of the life under Nazi rule? Anne Frank
Give me the month,date, and year that the Japanese attacked our naval base in Hawaii, prompting us to declare war on them. Dec. 7, 1941
What was the name of the place in Hawaii where the naval base was located? Pearl Harbor
On August 6, 1944, an Air Force bomber named _______dropped an atomic bomb on the city of_______, destroying the city and killing more than 80,000 people. Enola Gay, Hiroshima
________gardens were small vegetable gardens that helped increase the amout of food available in the U.S. Victory
What was the code name given to the effort to build an atomic bomb? Manhattan Project
The Battle of_______, which took place on a small island northwest of Hawaii, was a major turing point in the war against Japan. Midway
Give me the month, date, and year of V-J(Victory of Japan)day. Aug. 14, 1945
Created by: sagoracm