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Art History - Dates

Polykleitos of Argos 440 BC Doric 600 BC Lintel 1130 AD Leonardo da Vinci 1452- 1519 AD
Athens 5th Century BC Ionic 600 BC Mandorla 1130 AD High Renaissance 1450-1520 AD
The Acropolis 5th Century BC Corinthian 430 BC Last Judgement 1130 AD Mona Lisa 1503-1506 AD
Parthenon 447-438 BC Rome 753 BC Gothic Art 13th - 15th Century AD The Last Supper 1495
Phidias 480- 450 BC Republic 509 BC Saint- Denis 1140 AD Sfumato
Pantheon 125 AD Empire 31 BC - 300 AD ribbed vaults (Saint - Denis) 1140 AD Raphael 1483-1520
Vaults 4th century BC Dome 125 AD stained Glass (saint - denis) 1140 AD
Robert-Houdin 1805 - 1871 Lumieres Family 1895 pointed arches (saint - denis) 1140 AD
George Melies 1902 Guillaume Bourguerreau 1825 - 1905 flying buttresses(Saint - Denis) 1140 AD
Sainte-Foy at Conques in France 1120 AD Crusades 11th - 13th Century AD Chartres Cathedral 1134- 1220 AD
Tympanum 1130 AD Archivolt 1115-1135 AD Nave (Chartres Cathedral) 1134-1220 AD
Archaic Style 600-500 B.C. Romanesque Art 11th and 12th Century AD Transept (Chartres Cathedral) 1134-1220 AD
Classical Style 500-300 BC Pilgrimages 11th Century AD Renaissance 15th Century AD
Crusades 11th - 13th Century AD Sainte-Foy at Conques in France 1120 AD Humanism 14th-17th century
Arnolfini Wedding Portrait 1434 AD Jan Van Eyck 1390-1441 AD Florence 15th Century AD in the Renaissance
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